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foals, laura marling, mumford & sons, fy ninja mawr, starbucks, christmas, fireworks, oversized woolly jumpers, birds, sheep, floral clothes, really defined shoulder blades, sleeping with the light on, hugs, skins, misfits, gavin & stacey, ugg boots, pineapple juice, eating ice, vulnerability, bleeker the ipod, tumblr, yannis philippakis, michael cera, florence and the machine, bombay bicycle club...

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  • gaze out open windows
  • climb trees and read books in them
  • collect seashells
  • don't be afraid of who you are
  • dress up victorian style
  • drink lots and lots of tea
  • frame vintage photos
  • go dancing in the rain
  • go looking for fairies and build fairy houses
  • hand write letters to friends
  • have a picnic on the countryside
  • have tea parties
  • learn to play an instrument (piano,ukulele,banjo,guitar)
  • let your hair grow long and unruly
  • lie in fields of wildflowers
  • light candles at night
  • listen to dreamy music and dance around
  • make a teepee
  • make friends with trees-tell them your secrets
  • make someone a batch of cookies
  • plant a garden of vegetable and wildflowers
  • press wildflowers
  • run into lakes wearing pretty dresses
  • spend days in libraries
  • string fairy lights in your room
  • tie ribbons on your wrists
  • wear a key to your heart around your neck
  • wear flower crowns
  • wear vintage nightgowns as dresses
  • wears bells on your ankles
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