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foals, laura marling, mumford & sons, fy ninja mawr, starbucks, christmas, fireworks, oversized woolly jumpers, birds, sheep, floral clothes, really defined shoulder blades, sleeping with the light on, hugs, skins, misfits, gavin & stacey, ugg boots, pineapple juice, eating ice, vulnerability, bleeker the ipod, tumblr, yannis philippakis, michael cera, florence and the machine, bombay bicycle club...

Lizzie movies (Films seen - 2021)
caitlin books (read in 2021)
s. films (two thousand and twenty-one)
books (two thousand and twenty-one)
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  • you don't like books of any kind
  • you're pretentious
  • you're obnouxiously insecure, constantly fishing for compliments/reassurances
  • you're too mature
  • my friends don't love you
  • you don't adore my friends
  • you type in comic sans
  • you're extremely conceited
  • you ask me for sex more than once a week
  • you want children and a family
  • you buy me flowers
  • you do drugs
  • you drink regularly
  • you're shallow, would like to change my appearance considerably
  • you don't think of hygiene as high importance
  • you only know music from the top 40
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