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foals, laura marling, mumford & sons, fy ninja mawr, starbucks, christmas, fireworks, oversized woolly jumpers, birds, sheep, floral clothes, really defined shoulder blades, sleeping with the light on, hugs, skins, misfits, gavin & stacey, ugg boots, pineapple juice, eating ice, vulnerability, bleeker the ipod, tumblr, yannis philippakis, michael cera, florence and the machine, bombay bicycle club...

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  • an ability to make me laugh and to also laugh at himself
  • an ability to teach me something new
  • compassionate and empathetic but not overly sensitive or needy
  • has a definite sense of personal hygiene, and carries himself well
  • has some sort of musical talent
  • interested in things other than video games and sport
  • must like music other than the top 40
  • treats everyone with the same amount of courtesy and respect
  • understands that sometimes i just need my own space
  • willingness to compromise and try new things
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