• you live inside the city

you forget how tall the trees can get - 8th Floor

  • but the most special are the most lonely

god, I pity the violins - All the Rowboats

  • you have tamed me, now you must take me - Baobabs
  • I could see it was coming my way...I always new a big boat would come and take me away - A Cannon
  • And when I wear lipstick then no one understands me at all - A Cannon
  • "The truth is you'll be okay anyway." And I smiled cause I'd known it all the while. - Chemo Limo
  • Just cause one song is done? There's always another one - Consequence of Sounds
  • But we leave the sound on cause silence is harder - Consequence of Sounds
  • A man destined to hang can never drown - Daniel Cowman
  • You're using your headphones to drown out your mind - Eet
  • But you don't live downtown no more

and everything must come and go - Field Below

  • Things I have loved I'm allowed to keep - The Flowers
  • You were wearing rags, I was wearing pointe shoes

I tried to lay next to you but you hit the snooze The definition of a crazy person is Someone who does the same thing over and over again While expecting new results - I Cut Off My Hair

  • you all read the bible, right?

you know what the bible says? I'll tell you what it says, don't put a stumbling block in front of someone who can't see don't put a beautiful body in front of someone who's hungry - Long Brown Hair

  • loveology - Loveology
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