• catching up with nina & janine in our local coffee shop, talked about activism & humanity
  • started listening to Handsome Girl, Cheats, Grrrl Gang, The Greeting Committee, Bedchamber & Ruru
  • went out for pizza with camille, pat and kath (favorite psych friends)


  • playing with lucy & shane at training
  • got a positive feedback from a mentor, teacher cha's reminders in our field
  • the laughter & hugs of the children in the center
  • mom's birthday celebration


  • attended Angels Walk for Autism 2019
  • cams, pat & kath at caffeine district, full of laughters & stories
  • went to an art gallery after a very long time, checked out Joey Ofludor's Concutio at Sining Kamalig
  • met jaja for dinner, it turns out it's the birthday celebration of jacob (jaja left that part out knowing im shy & 100% will not come). hangout with feu 2013 batch (jaja, jean, nics, thel, miles, nica, joice, jacob, baula, migs, janus) after 5 years. had so much fun, will definitely hangout with them again
  • coffee project with pat, talked about our worries & frustrations, ranted & laughed a lot, unplanned sleep over


  • criszha's graduation
  • visited pinto art with janine, spent the day going around the galleries, Mindanao collection is beautiful, trees & birds chirping, got to take some cool photos
  • hike mt. balagbag with janine & angel, breathless cause of this unhealthy shell of mine, more of a reality slap that I need to start eating healthy, reached the summit, was really happy about it, tiring but would love to do it all over again
  • overnight with angel & janine, lots of pizza & chicken, cats cats cats
  • lunch with nina, angel & janine, got to catch up with each other


  • hangout with karmae after work
  • explored national museum of natural history with sister & cousin
  • had our usual pizza and coffee meetups with pat
  • dinner and catching up with my favs, camille & pat
  • went out with camille and pat, ate dinner at Contis and had coffee afterwards. ranted our worries about life to each other
  • hangout with meg after 3 years! had lunch at Italianis restaurant and played in timezone, had so much fun!
  • had a catch up dinner with angel & nina at manam, walked around and drink coffee & wine at wildflour restaurant. booked a car on our way, had an interesting conversation with the driver who is a lawyer


  • went to katipunan with pat, had lunch in la carnita, bought our first ever local komiks!! had coffee and rant to each other
  • chonky cat in a hotel hallway
  • birthday dinner at Blake's katipunan
  • outing with officemates! we went to calatagan batangas, had bonfire and island hopping. was able to meet new friends!
  • my phone for more than 4 years finally gave up on me, got myself a new phone
  • been on a lot of stress and anxiety provoking situations, went to mendiola and had coffee with pat, my constant


  • bonded with my mom criszha & carlyle, it was a good day
  • mini vacation with angel and janine. went to tagaytay at the nurture wellness farmacy. it is a little farm with swimming pool and cute tents. had a really good dinner! the next morning we had a farm tour, fed chickens, met maria clara the carabao and other activities. got to catch up with my two favorites friends. it was a wonderful weekend
  • went to dinner with shaira after our monthly training. catched up and ranted our frustration regarding our work and company
  • asked my sister, criszha, to go out and have dinner and coffee with me, tried to do work and while she was studying, it was far from being successful
  • angel visited me at home, had dinner at up town center and ranted our latest worries


  • had a two day marathon of watching various films: the day after tomorrow, aurora, rim of the world, alien warfare, doomsday
  • finally complete! had lunch at romantic baboy with pat, kath and cam.
  • spontaneous urge to watch anime: cells at work and maid dragon


  • spent the weekend with angel and cats. stayed in the bed most of the day, ate a lot, and binge watch mindhunter season 2, fun and relaxing day
  • mibf 2019. hangout with jam, arri, karen and angel. had coffee and played question games, out of boredom which made me know them better. karaoke night, my first ever, it was so much fun singing taylor swift songs. slept at Angel's place and had the chance to play with cats once again


  • went to arrianne exhibit: Resistance
  • date with meg! we watched maleficent, ate at paul, and timezone!!!
  • explored tanay, rizal with angel and janine. we hiked treasure mountain, went to calinawan cave, bathe in daranak falls, dropped by pilia windmills, saw laguna lake. I got to talk to strangers who are really nice. saw the beauty of nature once again, thank you universe
  • celebrate nina's birthday with angel and janine. went to new coffee shop: %. sleepover with friends and cats, watched parasite
  • went to van gogh alive with angel and janine. learned new stuff.


  • had lunch and coffee with kathleen, talked about the past months we haven't seen each other. ranted about our field.
  • went out with pat and cam, we were in cubao but there was wave of people, our introverted ass were shaking. went to up town katipunan instead. spent our day drinking milkshake and eating cookies. asked each other questions that made us more closer in a way. i love them truly.
  • spontaneous coffee date with my kaladkarin friend angel @ toby's estate


  • PART 1: yearly christmas party with ken's buns huns + nates!!! kenneth and princess weren't able to go with us this year. however, we opened our doors (after six years) to other people: celine, clarence, justin and jek. we had yacht party @ subic, ate good food, met a chonky doggo who lives next door (tommy, i love u), played games and it was pretty fun and chill. my gals (nina, angel and janine) and I did our exchange gifts and I love it so much. we were glad that it turned out good
  • PART 2: in the morning we were scheduled to have our cruised, it was really an experience and so worth the money we spent. we played good music while drinking coffee. after the cruised we cooked breakfast and played with tommy once again before we bid goodbye. we decided to go to the beach before heading home. we found cheap but beautiful beach nearby. rented karaoke, ate chips and hangout. we went for a swim while talking about serial killers.
  • PART 3: nina, angel, janine and I decided to meet up at tarlac to have early dinner with princess. it was intimate and we were able to share what's been happening to us for the past few months. it was really short but i love my friends.mp3 (cue crying)
  • dinner with nina, angel, janine and princess at the shepherd's tent. such a cliny bunch. we spent our time catching up, talking about serial killers (once again), and astrology.
  • spent few hours at Nina's place with angel. pet cutie cats, watched game and a satire film about vampires.
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