• traveled to san narciso with the family, ocean doggos, waves and softness of zambales
  • dinner with nina and angel at wholesome table, went to timezone to take pictures, dropped by fullybooked and bought a novel of eliza victoria, went around bgc and had coffee, talked about our endless worries


  • had coffee alone at isabel's coffee house
  • angel had her tatto at 55 tinta, went to Driftwood Bakeshop to eat and drink coffee, talked for hours, walked around maginhawa street visiting bookstores and gem stores. found out that moonstone is a gemini stone
  • went to satchmi alone and had coffee, waited for pat and we listened to some vinyl before proceeding to komiket, bought lots of komiks and some artworks, met jasmine to say hi (the sweetest!)
  • hangout with shai and joleng at the giving cafe


  • went to Aurora with angel. met our tour guide kuya guilbert! visited the hangin bridge, dropped by ermita hill where we can see the ocean, it was beautiful. we checked out the diguisit falls, before heading up to discalarin cove. there were no other tourists at the discalarin due to the coming quarantine. it was as if we owned the paradise, it was quiet. we can hear the ocean, birds chirping. we went to a cave where we swam for a while before going up to the lighthouse. up there everything seems so insignificant. right after we head to the artist's village, which my favorite part of our adventure. going through there was full of trees, the only thing you can hear are the birds singing. there were cool art, sunlight going through the windows and trees. i felt nostalgic and content at the same time.


  • asked pat and camille for a manga recommendation. both are enthusiastic about it and gave me a list. lots of laughter and love.
  • staying indoors, reading a lot of poetry! I started new hobbies: reading manga and watching anime!


  • reading journals of sylvia plath, resonating with her life, in some ways
  • sherlock holmes rerun


  • birthday celebration: steak, pizza, mojos & wine, jazz music playing on background


  • very short meet up with angel to pour my worries, sat down for coffee, bought coffee beans


  • this month is full of listening to podcasts that helps my mental health, watching films a day, making coffee for my love ones


  • the intelligent people on discord: being there for each other, sharing knowledge, games, enjoying little things
  • created soft friends on discord, playing among us with my friends
  • friends, pizza, cats, coffee, films, pouring my heart and getting validated
  • learning more regarding coffee farm and brewing
  • joined henry's family and friends server


  • bbverse support group and love for each other
  • joined my first ever bookclub and felt comfortable with it
  • trivia nights and rpg events at IP server


  • new laptop and playing games
  • talking to new people, learning new stories and perspectives
  • co-working space at IP server helping me through my busy days
  • playing jackbox games with friends


  • little get together with my highschool friends, a more intimate conversation with each other, celebrating our friendships, trusting and being vulnerable
  • feeling the love and appreciation from my clients
  • discovering new games and playing with other people
  • intelligent people server
  • a quick trip to pampanga for dinner & coffee with nina and angel
dec 31 2019 ∞
jan 2 2021 +