• bath tub (he can bathe with you in the big one)
  • lots of blankets (they aren't "supposed" to use blankets anyway)
  • pants/shirts (they just need 1 piece sleepers)
  • swing/jumperoo/excersaucer (we have none of this crap and it is fine)
mar 8 2008 ∞
mar 8 2008 +
  • waking up at the strangest times, yet not having set an alarm clock in weeks
  • breast pads all over the house
  • greg wearing a wife beater undershirt because we have not done laundry
  • making more trash than i would like (effing diapers)
  • referring to myself in the third person
  • lots of talk about poop and pee
feb 14 2008 ∞
feb 14 2008 +

of course I want to meet the guy and hug him and kiss him and dress him and bathe him...

  • Exercise
  • Eat carbs for dinner I am on a diet by my doc)
  • Split a bottle of wine
  • wear my jeans
  • rediscover my wardrobe
  • not breathe like tony soprano
  • take a HOT bath
  • roll over in bed without a ton of effort
  • not be stared at
  • not have to make a nice joke when people say how HUGE i am
dec 13 2007 ∞
dec 13 2007 +
  • Don't rush to wear maternity clothes, because soon enough you will have no other option
  • Go to the gym as long as possible, because soon enough you won't be able to.
  • Check your weight gain regularly, so it is not a shock when you don't check for 3 months
  • Don't stand for too long/do too much, because you will feel worn out afterwards
  • When tossing and turning at 4am, get out of bed, make herbal tea, read your pregnancy book, make a list, etc its better than annoying your husband
  • Save those pity party moments for when you really need them, because then it is soo nice to get that foot rub, dinner made, etc
  • don't stress about drinking coffee, eating lunch meat, bumping into something, seriously the kid is fine in there
nov 13 2007 ∞
nov 13 2007 +
  • I did not have morning sickness
  • yes we know the sex
  • its a boy!
  • not sure on a name (well we are but not telling :))
  • he kicks mostly at night, but also now
  • no weird cravings
  • I don't know how much weight I have gained
  • Yes i know i am not really eating for 2
  • we are having him in austria
  • he will be american and not austrian
  • he is due 03 feb
sep 23 2007 ∞
sep 23 2007 +

i have a strange type...

  • my husband, he is not strange
  • strangely, vince noir/noel fielding
  • Leo D
  • jim halpert/ john krasinski
  • julian mcmahon/ dr. Troy (droooool)
  • Jason bateman (never thought I would say this)
  • jake G, ala Donnie D
  • the son in transamerica, kevin zegers
  • J. Depp, still cool, but the younger years, meow...
  • isaac brock, yes played out, but the demons and lyrics and images
  • tony soprano, a power thing
  • dr. alex karev is hot
  • ashton kutcher, doesn't say much, thats okay
  • jude law, too bad he is a cheater
  • ethan hawk at times, too bad he is a cheater
nov 8 2006 ∞
may 1 2007 +

Today was a glorious day in vienna, happy to be alive

mar 11 2007 ∞
mar 11 2007 +
  • being told to smile when i am in a boring ass meeting
  • being told that i look really tired (this happens a lot, maybe thats just how i look!)
  • my POS windows machine
  • sexist jokes and comments, i mean grow up people
  • the steady hum of my ancient sun sparc 10
  • having my office face the mens room, don't want to know their schedules!
  • paper copies of things in general
feb 26 2007 ∞
feb 26 2007 +
  • Vacant apt (1st floor)
  • ambassador to macedonia (1st floor)
  • Building owner, austrian woman (2nd floor)
  • building owner's daughter (2nd Floor)
  • Former austrian ambassador to UN in NY and many other places and his beautiful swedish dentist wife (3rd floor)
  • Nino, the italian deli owner (across the street)
  • Nicole, vintage handbag store (next door)
  • Facial salon (next door)
  • Porn store (our block)
  • Shoemaker (our block)
  • Dry cleaner (putzerei) (our block)
  • Vet (Tier artz)(our block)
  • body building/protein store (our block)
  • bulgarian travel agency/wine shop (our block)
  • fur store (our block)
jan 16 2007 ∞
jan 16 2007 +
  • Wesley (Unanimous, but not wes)
  • Tyler (mostly me, but admittedly a bit fratty)
  • Sophie (mostly greg, but i like it)
  • Anne-Sophie (but only when pronounced a certain way)
  • Jacinda (mostly me)
  • Tobias (but not F├╝nke)
  • Thatcher (we first said it as a joke, but we kind of like it! very fratty)
  • Talbot (prep-school goodness)
  • Meredith (but not merry, we have been watching greys anatomy)
  • Anna, annabelle
oct 4 2006 ∞
jan 1 2007 +

give 'em credit

  • hillary swank
  • johnny depp
  • eminem
  • christina aguilera
  • leo
  • edward norton
  • dave chappelle (if he's not hiding)
dec 26 2006 ∞
dec 26 2006 +
  • BUFFALO chicken wings, oh they try, but always miss
  • hoagies
  • decent salad dressings
  • big salads with yummy nuts, cheese, fruits, avacado, etc
  • chai lattes (maybe a FEW places)
  • a decent margarita
  • a burrito
oct 14 2006 ∞
oct 14 2006 +
  • somewhat immune to advertising as i do not always know what they are saying
  • don't know when people are making fun of me, ignorence is bliss
  • don't have to listen to annoying converstaions on u-bahn or bars
  • don't feel bad about ignoring junkies or other unsavories bothering me
  • no uncomfortable small talk with strangers (not that people make small talk here)
  • sometimes receiving a meal I ordered is a surprise (not as much, food i know)
  • seeing old movies in a new light
  • english becomes a treat
  • small moments of sucess like ordering give immense pleasure
may 4 2006 ∞
jul 7 2006 +
  • that i could live in vienna and have my job and still see my family
  • that i could get foot reduction surgery
  • that eyelash tinting lasted more than 3 weeks or
  • i never discovered eyelash tinting because now i can't be without and it is sure to blind me
  • that i never went down the hellish pit of using credit cards to buy food in grad skool, but there is a light, oh yeah! Thanks UN!
  • that i would get off my A and invest in some minor things to make my life easier (new laptop battery, new shoes, a decent slip, a free standing closet)
  • that i never dabbled in smoking and that every freaking person in austria did not smoke. Dangerous combination
jun 12 2006 ∞
jun 12 2006 +
  • don't be self-conscious
  • you can't control other people
  • your life is largely built by choices and consequences
  • death is forever
  • losing someone is hard, but you have to go on
  • be professional at work, at least during interviews
  • if a person routinely screws over other people they will eventually screw you too
  • passive-aggressiveness sucks
may 9 2006 ∞
may 11 2006 +
  • saladalley - hostess
  • baskin robbins -scooper
  • inglenook - vegtable girl (don't ask)
  • a dentist office - dental assistant
  • riddle ale house - waitress
  • lehigh fitness centre - worker and supervisor
  • connor o'neals - waitress
  • cu boulder - TA and RA
  • chevron (666)- intern
  • usgs - physical scientist
  • ctbto - seismic officer
apr 23 2006 ∞
apr 23 2006 +
  • Have bottles of water all over the house so you always have a drink in arms reach
  • before you sit with baby get all of your remote controls, phones, computers, ready. A utility belt would be nice
  • Make those freezer meals in advance
  • If a friend asks if they can bring something, have them bring food! Casseroles, sandwiches, cakes, whatever!
  • Have power bars in the house
  • Have a variety of foods in the house in case you find something like dairy upsets your baby's tummy, so then you can have oatmeal for breakfast or something
  • Lots of maxi pads :(
  • have wireless and a laptop
  • Organize your clothes because i am wearing a combo of PP and maternity clothes and I have no idea where anything is that I packed away months ago
  • A thermos or a thermal mug for tea
feb 14 2008 ∞
feb 14 2008 +
list icon
  • We love our little boy, owen martin
  • life is a cycle of 2-3 hour naps
  • this makes it hard to do my bedtime routine (brush teeth, wash face, etc), because I never really go to bed, just grab a few hours sleep now and then
  • he likes to wake up just when I make a cup of tea
  • it is fun to give him a bath
  • we go through a lot of diapers :( sorry mother earth.
  • its fun to go for a walk with him and get some fresh air
  • our flat is a mess
  • take out is our friend
feb 9 2008 ∞
feb 9 2008 +
nov 11 2007 ∞
dec 13 2007 +

i know people mean well, but...

  • please don't stare at my stomach/boobs
  • DON'T ask if it was planned. What if it wasn't. DO you seriously want someone to say, nah we got drunk and forgot birth control and here we are! Just don't ask.
  • please don't tell me i am huge
  • please don't ask "are you sure its not twins?"
  • please don't tell me i am small
  • seriously people, its not okay to talk to someone about their figure weight when they are not pregant, why do it now
  • don't ask how much weight i gained, i don't know, I never weigh myself
sep 23 2007 ∞
oct 18 2007 +
  • Crib ordered 10/27
  • Changing table ordered 10/27
  • light fixture
  • install light fixture
  • baby bedding
  • mobile
  • rug
  • Stroller ordered 10/27
  • Car seat
  • Baby "toiletries"
  • breast pump?
  • play pen thingy
sep 23 2007 ∞
oct 29 2007 +

but often have to

  • dry cleaning
  • gas
  • gifts for co-workers i never talk to
  • rush delivery charges
  • booking fees for airline tickets (what are these?)
mar 21 2007 ∞
mar 21 2007 +

cause i like 'em

  • Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage (I like survival at sea stories)
  • The widow of the south, from mom from xmas
  • what is the what, eggers, fiction/non about the lost boys
  • A place in the reeds, memoir based in Botswana
  • 1776, I tried once, want to try again
  • dracula, still getting through it from the romania trip
  • the mayflower, philbrick - non-fiction about the pilgrims, pretty good, i wanna read more about native americans
  • I don't know how she does it, dumb chick lit, but i liked it
  • middlesex, best book i have read in a while
dec 26 2006 ∞
feb 27 2007 +

we have 3 tv channels, and many of these are just to practice german

  • Caddyshack (all times fave!!)
  • Scary movie 3
  • The bourne identity (i like this one)
  • Lammbock (a well-liked german movie, but i thought it was pretty juvenile and not so good)
  • armegeddon (still bad)
  • in good company (it made me notice the sweet iron and wine sdtrck)
  • the life aquatic
  • E.T.
  • top gun
  • trainspotting
  • office space
  • lord of the rings
  • titanic
  • the recruit
  • she's having a baby
  • just married
apr 29 2006 ∞
feb 24 2007 +
  • dining set = table given by landlord, 2 chairs salvaged from street (different colors), folding chair and ottoman
  • coffee table was made by grad school classmate
  • sideboard was going to be tossed out by neighbor, we carried it up 3 flights of stairs.
  • missing light fixtures in 3 rooms, only bare bulbs
  • Tv stand was "lent" to greg from his old landlord, we took it to europe
  • Dresser and ugly pine shelf given by roommate
  • plates from church white elephant store
  • art in dining room includes penguin poster
jan 7 2007 ∞
jan 7 2007 +
  • vacuum (finally, cleaning pleasure)
  • small rugs
  • light fixtures
  • a euro dvd player and its plays US dvds too :)
  • frame prints (a little costly, need to do more research)
  • thicker curtains for bedroom (may be giving neighbors a constant peep show)
  • new laptop battery (got it for xmas, yeah)
  • 2nd hard drive for backups (got it for xmas, yeah)
oct 14 2006 ∞
dec 28 2006 +

the german dubbing of black actors all sounds like dr. hibbard, they need to work on that

  • grey's anatomy
  • cold case
  • without a trace
  • csi
  • germany's next top model
  • the simpsons
  • monk
  • alias
oct 6 2006 ∞
oct 31 2006 +
  • Librarian
  • CIA/FBI/State Department
  • Public office
  • nurse/PA
  • Park/forest ranger
  • flight attendant
jun 5 2006 ∞
oct 1 2006 +
may 7 2006 ∞
may 28 2006 +
  • singing
  • driving
  • saving money
  • folding laundry
  • drawing
  • learning languages
  • flip turns in swimming
  • resisting to scratch
apr 23 2006 ∞
apr 29 2006 +
  • diapers
  • clothes
  • stroller/buggy
  • car seat
  • burp cloths/rags
  • breast pump
  • breast pads
  • bottles
  • a place for baby to sleep
  • a baby chair/bouncer, somewhere safe to put him while you shower/cook
  • somewhere to put his clothes
  • some things for him to look at (books, toys, pictures)
  • baby monitor
mar 8 2008 ∞
mar 8 2008 +
list icon
  • Was induced due to pre-eclampsia
  • Went in hospital on monday 21 Jan
  • Got some meds
  • Waited
  • Got more meds Tuesday 22
  • Water broke Tuesday 11pm
  • Spent the night in labor
  • A bath helped
  • It felt better standing up
  • Got epidural at 5am
  • Slept for 2 hours
  • Started Pitocin at 8am
  • It hurt
  • Ouch
  • Pushed during 4 contractions
  • Baby Owen was born at 10:53
  • :)
feb 9 2008 ∞
feb 9 2008 +
  • Budapest, hungary (with Greg and Lindi!) (12/2007)
  • loipersdorf, Austria, Spa! (with Greg and K, K and C) (11/2007)
  • Salzburg, Austria (with bro!) (10/2007)
  • Villach, Austria (dinner in Italy) (9/2007)
  • Philly and Santa Barbara,US, home leave (8/2007)
  • Croatia (dalmatia) and Kotor, Montenegro (with linda and tim) (7/2007)
  • Paris, France, easter holiday, spectac! (4/2007)
  • Frankfurt, Germany for lax, not so great, (3/2007)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia and Grz, Austria, with greg's fam (12/2006)
  • Milan, Italy, weekend visiting Lucrezia (11/2006)
  • Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia with Day (10/2006)
apr 23 2006 ∞
dec 13 2007 +
  • Day Care, both of us will work. I hope we find a good day care or a fine lady to come in and stay with mr. man. I need to keep working if we want to stay here and Greg just got a great job after Grad skool and a few years not working, so this is how it is
  • Our apartment, 3 flights of stairs no lift! But we really like it
  • Our apartment, the layout is a little weird, he will not really have his own room, but most euro apartments are a little weird
  • Um, I really don't know anything about babies
  • Breast feeding/pumping
oct 18 2007 ∞
oct 18 2007 +

Shows we try to watch, god bless the internet

  • Gossip Girl (Sad, but true)
  • The Office
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Heros
  • The Hills
oct 18 2007 ∞
oct 18 2007 +

my sis sent me all of the episodes, and without having any idea what it was i watched them all. I am now obsessed. esp with noel....

mar 11 2007 ∞
mar 31 2007 +

can be hindered by being in austria

  • dark days, i was surprised by the happy ending
  • blood diamond, i really liked it, and yes it is hollywood treatment of a heavy subject, still better than most crap put there
  • the last kiss (was even worse than i expected/hoped it would be)
  • Dreamgirls, good and fun, hollywood spectacular
  • The departed - so amazing, best love scene ever
  • talledega nights (ganz toll)
  • dr. zhivago - a tru epic, wonderful
  • dave chappelle's block party - cool vibe
  • marie antoinette - I loved it from start to finish!
  • borat - laughing out loud
  • kontroll - lighter and more enjoyable than i predicted
apr 29 2006 ∞
feb 24 2007 +
  • 4 boxes of christmas decorations
  • I have egg cups
  • guest towels
  • guest sheets
  • housekeeper (in german putzfrau)
  • holiday napkins
  • some nice glasses and dishes, wedding gifts
  • serving bowls and utensils
  • crystal vases and candy bowls
jan 7 2007 ∞
jan 7 2007 +
  • dive from claussens pier - i really loved it
  • the good earth - so simple and fine
  • the corrections - i hated it, but read it twice, so i must have liked it somehow
  • in the heart of the sea - gripping
  • rise of theodore roosevelt - inspiring
  • AHWOASG - genius indeed
  • sex, dugs and coco puffs - loved it, but now think CK is annoying
  • jane eyre - loved it
  • middlesex - the great american novel, love it, love it
  • devil in the white city
  • TC Boyle - love him: drop city, Tortilla curtain, and inner circle
may 28 2006 ∞
dec 31 2006 +

i'm not afraid of losing greg cause i don't accept the possibility

  • my mom getting sick
  • my family getting sick or injured
  • calls in the morning
  • walking into a dark apartment with all of the doors closed
  • being in a fire in a tall building
  • being on a plane that is crashing and knowing that it is the end
  • finding lumps
  • not being able to get pregnant
dec 7 2006 ∞
dec 7 2006 +
  • redhair
  • 3 sibs (2 sisses, one bro)
  • being an ugly, but nice kid
  • my dad dying
  • playing sports
  • being an outcast in school
  • good friends later in life
  • meeting greg
  • marrying greg
  • moving to colorado
  • moving to vienna
oct 10 2006 ∞
oct 10 2006 +
  • beer bottles and cans are 1/2 litre, so if you drink 2, thats a lot of beer, a lot more water than i drink in a day anyway
  • the concern over shoes indoors, its okay, wear your shoes in the house, its just a floor
  • the windows open in or out and blow and bang when its windy, open up and stay up!
  • the kitchen sink is minature, we are not
  • using the energy saver laundry mode takes 4 hours for a load, i want to save energy but come on!
  • my landlady monitors how much trash we throw out, so we sneak it down the night before it gets picked up
aug 6 2006 ∞
aug 6 2006 +
  • alcohol, we are talking CHEAP
  • the yearly designer sunglasses orgy
  • cosmetics, i am now a Dior lover, so long maybeline!
  • dr. pepper
  • frozen shrimp
  • swiss chocolates
  • american bacon
  • colby jack cheese
  • cranberry juice
jun 26 2006 ∞
jun 26 2006 +
  • speak excellent english (at least in vienna)
  • would rather speak english than bad german
  • love the outdoors
  • love food/drink/relaxing
  • have not gotten over the fall of the hapsburg empire
  • don't love their neighboring countries, except for italy
  • don't like it when you ask about their personal lives
  • love to close doors between rooms
  • not so familiar with teamwork/team sports
  • are generally cool people and WAY more chill than americans, myself def included
may 22 2006 ∞
jun 5 2006 +
  • the jerk (first rated r movie)
  • caddyshack (about 35,000 times, we FFed thru the nudie parts)
  • hills have eyes part 2 (scared the bejezus out of me)
  • all friday the 13ths, (we went through a phase)
  • the one with the flying ball
  • Easy Rider (my dad rented this for us)
  • Platoon
  • stealing home (we went with out grandpa, he thought it was about more baseball and less sex)
apr 28 2006 ∞
may 1 2006 +