[through the devilish cold]

synopsis: dimitri, felix, ingird and sylvain brave their journey across the south pole after being banished from their water tribe.

  • fandom: fire emblem: three houses
  • author: trixstar
  • completed (oneshot)
  • words: 6.5k
  • avatar: the last airbender au
  • focus on the platonic group dynamic
  • angst. pain. cries.
  • felix is bad with feelings, as usual
  • i hate miklan gautier in every universe
  • slight sylvgrid but it's like very small crumbs



[it takes a village]

synopsis: But if you don’t have that, then one scrap collector heaven official, ghost demon king, sentient scimitar and spiritual cloth will have to do.

(Four moments in between four seasons of growing up, and the unconditional love of a family, unconventional as it may be.)

  • fandom: tian guan ci fu/heaven official's blessing
  • author: lariyats
  • completed (oneshot)
  • words: 13.6k
  • au in which hualian raises wei wuxian bc it's the only concept EVER
  • main focus on hualian's bond with wwx as a family
  • tooth rotting fluff!!
  • set up as four pieces in one book? like the oneshot is split up in sections


jun 25 2021 ∞
oct 27 2021 +