synopsis: lan wangji desperately seeks information about wei wuxian after his death. playing inquiry and speaking with a ghost leads him to eventually start asking for help in temples, one of which is dedicated to someone named hua cheng.

  • author: etymologyplayground
  • completed; 4 chapters
  • words: 12k
  • mdzs and tgcf crossover
  • post-canon (tgcf)
  • canon divergence (mdzs)
  • just hualian raising wwx and my heart going crazy over the fluff
  • appearances by uncle he xuan and uncle yin yu CRIES
  • just give wei ying happiness
  • side hualian (obviously)



[for you, all for you]

synopsis: what if wei wuxian wasn't resurrected in mo xuanyu's body, and hadn't woken up to being kicked by mo ziyuan in mo residence? what if wei wuxian woke up in the place where he thought he'd never be?

  • author: headBONDmeLWJ
  • completed; oneshot
  • words: 3.6k
  • canon divergence
  • angst angst angst angst IM CRYING...
  • lwj is broken and so am i


dec 24 2020 ∞
aug 11 2021 +