religion/christianity/sexuality/chastity/celibacy/queer theology

  • spiritual marriage: sexual abstinence in medieval wedlock
  • dynamics of identity in the world of early christianity
  • your half of the apple: god and the single girl
  • spiritual direction and the gay person
  • straight to jesus: sexual and christian conversions in the ex-gay movement
  • burden of the flesh: fasting and sexuality in early christianity
  • real sex: the naked truth about chastity
  • eunuchs and castrati: a cultural history
  • the new celibacy: why more men and women are abstaining from sex--and enjoying it
  • porneia: on desire and the body in antiquity
  • the purity myth: how america's obsession with virginity is hurting young women
  • making chastity sexy: the rhetoric of evangelical abstinence campaigns
  • virgin wives: a study of unconsummated marriages
  • love between women: early christian responses to female homoeroticism
  • celibate marriages in late antique and byzantine hagiography
  • paul on marriage and celibacy: the hellenistic background of 1 corinthians 7
  • the celibate marriages of saints and martyrs in late antiquity (dissertation pdf)
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