• i am so tired of feeling so tired, all the time. and today, it's not even just a desire for sleep; the weariness is a tangible (yet empty?) pain. is this ache where my soul is?
  • i feel like i am far too fickle. and i feel things--they would be simple and shallow for other people--entirely too deeply.
  • notice me notice me notice me ... or is it simply not to be?
  • i carry melancholy in my heart and in my thoughts today.
  • oh, with all my soul, i wish to be a dryad. i want to live in a tree: i would dance in the forest and hope that no-one breaks off the key.
  • these days leave my skin smelling of paint.
  • i want a copy of katrina vandenberg's atlas.
  • and charles baudelaire's on wine and hashish.
apr 20 2011 ∞
may 2 2011 +