• it's like i'm so unconsciously flustered that i can't even type properly when i talk to him
  • i placed course requests and filled out my academic advisor placing form; nothing's official, but i am terrified, in a too-much-anticipation sort of way
  • i don't tend to like perfume, but oh! to acquire just a few drops of vol de nuit, for its name and the allusion alone
  • i wonder if years from now, we will ever stumble upon each other and if i'll ever be able to say to him, 'oh yes, i had a crush on you for years and years' (if that's even what this is)
  • i cannot wait to get my hands on my yearbook--it will weigh like a textbook in my hands and hold the only tangible memories of high school that i will have, years from now
  • i want to be a mythical creature, some sort of being that doesn't really exist but also doesn't really not exist
  • there are so many people that i need pictures with, as if to prove to my future self: look, that person really existed and he and she really had an impact on me, even if it was only for a moment way back when
  • i wonder a lot about how i will be when i am older and sometimes i think about how i will think about these years i'm living now
  • i am not scared of growing old, i am scared of growing up
  • i want to bake my roommate something for when we first meet
  • i cannot love him like he deserves to be loved, not anyone; and i believe with almost my entire being that the man i will end up with will have had to confront me about never being brave enough to let anyone completely in
  • there is too much beauty in the world and sometimes i just want to hold it all
  • i admire andrea obinson so terribly much. oh, to be a master sommelier and devote my life to understanding wine so fully :) the test to become one seems so thrillingly intense: a blind tasting of six different wines, a theoretical test and then a service examination !
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