• bonding time with my favourite teacher was great; it was really great. i'm going to bake him a bittersweet chocolate and pear cake; it'll be lovely. i'm going to an "artsy craftsy school" next year, according to him, haha
  • i am so tired of this fatigue, this drama. it had to be said, all of it.
  • i yearn for change, yet i'm still afraid of the hazy unknown: i want to control the change that happens, which isn't even possible.
  • there are people that i am not going to miss. but they've still always been there and i've taken their presence for granted. it's going to be so bizarre when someone who has been in my classes for seven years just isn't going to be there anymore.
  • what am i if i lose my ability to empathize? it's been difficult lately, though. and with some individuals, i just don't know how to 'bond'. it's not fair that we're not as close as i feel you think we are. but it's hard to fully trust anyone and, sometimes, i'm just plain unaffected.
  • it is eerie to me when i pick up idiosyncrasies of my friends.
  • i feel a heavy guilt for not having gone to church in many, many weeks. but i like having the house to myself for such a period of time--it calms me. it soothes and relaxes me in a way that being with more people and more noise cannot.
  • he knows where he's going and i will ceaselessly wonder if i never see him again. will paths cross, just once or once more, after we leave this place?
  • in psychology, we're learning about what touch and social deprivation does to infants. and oh, the video clips were painful and so horrible to watch. the conditions in north american orphanages have improved from the time of those studies, but i feel that i need to work in countries where those conditions are all that they have ever known.
  • and this is why i should not speak: saturday made my throat sore and now i must turn to old, melted cough drops for comfort.
  • i found a really lovely, gauzy, lavender poet shirt. around its collar is a part that's all frilly that, i think, is supposed to be tied into something--a bow tie of some sort? i can't figure it out.
  • it has escalated into a strange sort of cold. i fall ill far too easily now and it's a miserable sort of isolation.
  • i'm self-conscious about my laugh.
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