• i flip through albums repeatedly on facebook just to read captions
  • i'm starting to panic--and about more than one thing
  • it's now late enough at night for small noises to make my head pound
  • i am impatient for my exams to be over; especially the two three-hour blocks that i have!
  • i feel like i need to do something drastic
    • i just bought auburn brown hair dye!
  • "what're you sayin' about me, girl?" :)
  • i wrap myself in fleece because that room is so cold; it makes writing essays more bearable
  • i understood for the first time what meursault meant by 'gentle indifference'--it was both the most empty and most light feeling in the world, and i don't think i like it
    • perhaps that is also the unbearable lightness of being?
  • soon i'll be eighteen and journeying over this globe to a different land: one that is made magical in the light of my nostalgia
  • i've named my laptop eleanor, after the lovely woman from acquitaine who i admire so much
  • oh gosh, i have forgotten about my dear madeline! where can i get my hands on a copy of one of those lovely books again?
  • my (spoken) english got called gorgeous today, which was just really unexpected and lovely :)
  • i didn't think i've been in any sort of mood, but i've found myself watching feel-good movie after feel-good movie recently
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