• i have good news: i found people who meow back at me :)
  • also, my philosophy professor knows my name, i think! at least, he knows not to pronounce my surname and called me by the name i go by when he had my legal name in front of him :)
  • my philosophy professor was talking about our first papers and repeatedly saying how he really thought that philosophy papers were really simple and easy, which really just makes it all that much more intimidating
  • i gave someone a surprised/startled look that he interpreted as my wondering whether he was under the influence of any substances at the moment, hahaha; a friend back home has said that i look at everyone like they're crazy :p
  • i am starting to panic a little about my meal plan running out, and the food isn't even good
  • i like complimenting people that i actually don't know all that well
  • i really love my classes, but i am struggling with how to spread out all the work over the week
  • when what you have written surprisingly seems to strike a chord :)
  • (yes, i am having a good day, which is a relief after not the best of nights)
  • i can't wait until it is cold enough to break out those well-loved coats (also known as: the only thing i have to look forward to, sometimes)
  • the calc t.a. wrote "i wish i had a gold star sticker to give you" on my first workshop paper! :3
  • i am still waiting for my pottermore email, but i've decided that i want a barn own for my familar and i shall name her nephele, which is greek for cloudy
  • the bottled jasmine green tea is finally, finally back in my dining hall, which makes my meals so much better :)
  • i have plans to go to church on sunday with some new acquaintances and i am so, so excited for it! i haven't gone to church since i've started college (except for labour day weekend, which i spent at home); i also love meeting neat new people and both of them seem really enthusiastic and nice :)
sep 8 2011 ∞
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