• i hear bells being strummed by wind, on my street, which is just really odd, since it's so late at night.
  • i have to decide what college to go to by early early next week, or at least my in-state choice. i have never felt so much pressure and i am so indecisive; i am not ready for this.
  • i love the city of the school i visited last week, though. the weather was so wonderful and i really am just going to spend all my free time at the museum next door if i go to that college; there are so many gardens and little niches on that old estate.
  • i have a horrible canker sore that won't go away and, for the last couple days, ridiculously sensitive teeth that won't stop aching.
  • i need to lose myself in the czech republic, at some beautiful point in my life.
  • such images of satin and chiffon, in preparation for prom.
  • "how can i pick a major? i'm interested in everything! can't i major in 'the universe'?"
  • how i ultimately decided? by being passive and not making deadlines. but i will be going to the place i want to be.
  • i'm not much of anything when i try to be nothing.
  • and i'm just met with surprise as a response and the inability to be conversational.
  • i bought chai tea and i'm so excited to try it.
  • sleep is that lover that you've neglected; he gives the most marvelous welcome.
  • i spent an entire day at a bookstore. chai tea lattes are so wonderful and i now own a beautiful book of celtic poem after celtic poem :)
  • oh, but you're charming, sir. and it really was a pleasure to meet you, too!
  • it is the most beautiful thing. i want to discover the most beautiful thing. when did things stop competing for the title?
  • i should not have to try to justify why i hate phones. it has nothing to do with conversation. i just cannot stand phones.
  • i am buying tim tams when i visit hong kong this summer.
  • the lost art of editing; i would really love to be an editor.
feb 24 2011 ∞
apr 20 2011 +
user picture Sophie Hatter: I know I don't know you, but 5 years ago I was going through the same thing. Just breathe deeply and remember that no matter where you decide to go, YOU determine your life; college is just a tool along the way. feb 24 2011
user picture encre: Oh, you're lovely; thank you so much :) That's really really good to hear during a stressful week! :) I'm making pro/con lists right now, so hopefully those help.
user picture Sarah: I'm also preparing to start college this year, and while I know where I'm going, I also have no idea what I'd like to major in. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! So don't worry - you're not alone! Best of luck! mar 5 2011
user picture encre: Isn't just every subject fascinating? I am mostly set on English, but I don't want to be limited by a major. Which is a big part of why I'm choosing the school that I am. I need the freedom to take physics and calculus and music and history classes, too! But we'll explore and we'll figure it out, in the end! I wish you well, truly :)
user picture Sarah: Yes, I sometimes wish there were a career dedicated to world appreciation, particularly the areas of literature and music. I've thought about English, too; I'd like to do something that lets me write creatively. Journalism seems too restrictive, and I'm worried being a full-time author wouldn't afford me much income. Oh, well, I suppose I could always do a few things on the side, whatever I do! Are you attending a liberal arts college? They require that you take core courses your freshman year, so you get a bit of everything - humanities, science, English, etc. I made the decision to attend one because it'll expose me to many different things, so maybe I'll find some interests that could possibly inspire my major :D Good luck!
user picture encre: Ah, yes, that would be the greatest career! I'd love to be an author, but even that's kind of limiting, academically. I'm thinking about going into editing, but at the same time, I feel like I need to go into other fields, so I can bring other things to my writing. :) Ah, yes! I haven't sent in my deposit yet, but I'm pretty set on a public liberal arts school. I'm really comfortable with how small it is and its academic program. Mine actually doesn't require core courses, I don't think. I basically have freedom to take what I want, as long as I meet the requirements of my particular major. And these requirements are usually a lot more forgiving and more general. I'm quite excited to see how I do in classes at a college setting--if I do pursue, say, physics, I'm sure it'll make much more sense to me at a liberal arts college than at a large university! Thank you! Best of luck to you, too :) mar 8 2011