• astrophotography is all sorts of beautiful and awe-inspiring
  • when it appeared that i would be stranded at the centre after exams, three people offered to drive me home; i forgot how much i appreciate people :)
  • i was browsing through schools of thought--the christian philosophy of quietism seems really (intellectually?) self-destructive
  • they seemed so ridiculously ecstatic to meet and talk to me! oh gosh, it was the most flattering thing
  • i want to go to a little art studio in town and paint a piece of pottery: a mug or teacup or something like that
  • i desperately want to get into the descriptive astronomy class next spring; i think how i like that class will determine whether or not i major in physics
  • i feel like the one thing that could completely calm me right now is being somewhere with the entire night sky covered with stars
  • sitting here pretending to be a cat is better than studying for the hl history exam :(
  • i am so looking forward to having a whole nine days between my history and french exams; i will finally be able to breathe and relax
  • soon, i shall go the the library and borrow the books of my youngest childhood times and reread them, pictures and all
may 10 2011 ∞
may 16 2011 +