• there's a boy that nearly unfailingly greets me every time we see each other; it makes me smile, especially since we're near counterparts--we're both fairly obsessive when it comes to literature and we wave at each other with this sort of energetic startlement
  • i was looking through my old blog posts and wanted to look at what i was thinking and writing exactly one year ago: a vain attempt
  • i really ought to read something written by søren kierkegaard
  • my superlative from drama was "most likely to talk with her hands", haha! the sign is going up in my dorm room :)
  • i just want the house entirely empty and to myself for a day; i'm just always, always around people, even if i don't have to actually interact with them, and it's making me feel horrible
  • for years, i've had this daydream of laying on the ground and photographing the eiffel tower from below
  • i dream of people who do not exist: those whose presence i desire only to stumble upon
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