• i wish that i had a freeze ray so that i could make time stand still for a long while
  • i don't know how i'm possibly going to finish this essay in time
  • i have not been feeling too well for weeks and i'm giving up hope that i'm going to feel anything but empty-sad anytime soon
  • why is it so hard to focus? i've come to really dislike research papers, i just cannot write them anymore, it seems
  • i also find that i lately have not been able to write at all creatively
  • i feel a little like i'm drowning, but i can't swim
  • my roommate is wonderful, but sometimes this room makes me feel very lonely, too
  • i think i have an infection of a sort and i am very scared about it spreading, but i cannot see a doctor until monday
  • so i just wait and struggle through this paper
  • i'm sure my roommate thinks i'm horrible for always procrastinating and not having finished this paper and this is a rewrite and now it's late and i had already asked for an extension
  • and i usually am a hard worker, i just cannot handle history research papers and i'm really tired and in pain and have been choosing sleep because people are loud and i cannot concentrate
  • i am never taking a history class ever again; i love the subject, but i am so horrid at it
  • this upcoming week is going to be horrible, in terms of work
  • i've also been having trouble sleeping and waking early; i can't wait till next weekend, hopefully i'll slumber through an entire day
  • i was right about the infection after all, but i'm getting antibiotics later this afternoon, so i will be all right, i hope! there is not much to look forward to, this week.
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