• sad sad day, for absolutely no reason--i woke up feeling impossibly awful and trudged around my house with no energy, trying to plug up the emptiness with food
  • i honestly don't want to go back to school--i don't want to pack, i am behind on research and i don't want to work, i don't have any motivation at all
  • i feel like neither the house nor the dorm feels like home
  • this may have been the most unproductive break ever
  • i can't concentrate at home at all, am going to have to put together those christmas gifts throughout january
  • back to filling my thoughts with the word (can't), ugh
  • getting even more confused about majors and careers, and i fear my mind will never clear
    • (i can't even decide on classes, for goodness's sake!)
  • okay, highlight: found my old sweater that is red, slightly loose, comfy, and just perfect
  • will start to pick up the weekly ad when at grocery store and buy food that is on sale, instead of wandering about aimlessly
  • will be with people who i like !
jan 7 2012 ∞
apr 8 2012 +