• classical music so makes me want to dance. except i've never been classically trained in any particular style, so i end up doing some sort of improvisational contemporary. :) but really, why do i not own more classical music cd's?
  • i like the idea of perfume more than i like perfume itself. most smells give me a headache.
  • i want to wander around that thrift store all day, just to see what i can find. the same goes for that used bookstore.
  • whenever my thoughts wander, i question what exactly qualifies as a crush.
  • i've decided that i'm bring my keyboard with me to college next year. since i won't be majoring in music, i doubt i'll be allowed to use practice rooms. (um, well, this all does kind of depend on what school i go to, haha.) the keyboard's old and currently very unloved, but it's the next best thing to my own piano. i only play when a sudden desire seizes me, but it'll be nice to know that it's there when such moments happen upon me.
  • i desperately want to buy a time turner. even if it's just a plastic one from the bookstore.
  • i now have the soundtracks to the first three harry potter movies on my mp3 player. that was time well-spent.
  • i dearly wish to be more eloquent, more verbally composed.
  • finding monologues is so difficult.
  • i am a child of dreams.
sep 7 2010 ∞
oct 1 2010 +
user picture all about alice: i dance to my own beat as well. dance to your heart's desire and be happy! :) sep 7 2010
user picture encre: ahh, yes! it's so fun and liberating. also a little silly, but that may be my favourite part :)