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  • i finally own a colouring book again, after so many years: a disney princesses & fairies one!
  • i've decided that two factors in my college search are choral ensembles and ballet classes offered to non-majors :)
  • i received my first acceptance letter today in the mail
  • i need to make a pro/con list to (maybe) choose a safety school. and another to choose an in-state first choice.
  • my parents watched recordings of my old piano recitals today, gah
  • the thing is: i wish for things, things that i'm not sure i quite mean.
    • how is that i got what i wanted--an exchange of thoughts, thoughts and opinions--and still feel an almost burning emptiness inside? my soul makes no sense to me.
    • every interaction with ? makes me feel increasingly more hopeless.
  • i don't know what to do with my life. all i've ever known is how to dream.
  • i want to write in a way that is a nod to both grammar and style.
  • my sister eyed the books in my arms and asked, "you're ... reading under the stars?" haha, because i've apparently "done weird stuff lately" like staying up and watching the lunar eclipse.
  • i cannot concentrate, which is really horrible because this is really important.
  • instead of doing my french homework or sleeping, i'm looking up restaurants in hong kong to go to over the summer. charlie brown cafe? yes.
  • keeping voice journals in foreign languages is such an interesting concept. i may have to try it.
  • on a whim, i've just decided that the next time i'm dressing up, i shall become a mime.
  • i've been thinking about finding a new church. i don't know.
  • talking about a piece of medieval classical music led to planning to go see an orchestra with some of my best friends and looking up other plays and concerts in the area. and basically, it's given me such a wonderful feeling. i'm excited about life itself for the first time in a while and it's the loveliest thing. :)
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