• oh "jailbreak" did not feel at all like my last day of ib. perhaps it was because we still had work and stuff. but it was a lovely bonding experience; and not with my classmates, but with the teachers who i will not see for three weeks :( they were all lovely and were completely all right with having their pictures taken with me.
  • prom! it was honestly more enjoyable just hanging out beforehand, really. i think i was too tired to really be any fun, though.
  • i loved my dress and my gloves and just skipped and twirled around.
  • haha, the man operating the photo booth was really amused and baffled by my strange faces, ahh
  • a boy made a long-winded reference to the russian revolution to tell me that i was dressed as royalty did :)
  • the school gave girls white roses when they left; roses smell wonderful!
  • never before have my general group of friends talked more about boys. and as lovely as i think a good number of people are, regardless of sex, i am irritated when certain social interactions seem to be so tremendously important to them. no, he doesn't "need a woman" and, no, you don't need to "thank god!" when she got pressured into dancing with him. ugh
  • i'm tired i'm tired i'm tired; and i know some of the reasons for my being sad
  • i forgot the battery to my digital camera, so it was a good thing that i brought my film one to school. i really hope those pictures turn out! :)
  • i usually don't have issues with heels, but my shoes tonight were about five inches tall and hurt my feet so :(
  • oh oh, i walk into third period and my favourite teacher has basically coordinated an entire outfit around his "ib correctional facility warden" shirt. apparently, his trousers matching was completely accidental. but i walk in and i literally started laughing. that honestly made my day. and i took so many pictures with him! :) and he crashed a couple pictures and it was hilarious. oh gosh, i will miss my english teacher so much.
    • i quite honestly think of this man as my grandfather :)
  • i need to write my teachers thank you letters
  • closing night, the stage manager gave tech individuals two roses tied with a ribbon. my friend's lovely :)
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