• i received a literal acceptance package from a school :) there is a too-large t-shirt, a cd and streamers! oh, that made me smile. i cannot wait to visit next month.
  • i looked through the wedding pictures of someone i know. the groom and groomsmen were all wearing purple argyle socks. oh, that made my day!
  • i got weirdly emotional last night while reading. and realised that as opposed i am to people invading my personal space and to general displays of affection, i sometimes just feel like i really need a big bear hug from someone. you know?
  • every once in awhile, i spend a day just sitting in my closet all alone. it helps somehow.
  • i suddenly realised the other day that i have a strange but strong love of collarbones.
  • i really feel like taking a road trip to st augustine--go explore old buildings and the like--perhaps this summer.
  • i did not tell people that complimented me on my dress today that it's actually a romper. it's kind of an old, oddly-shaped thing, really. with a paisley print, yes.
  • i took a photograph of my clavicles yesterday night. it is probably one of the most strange and freeing things i have ever done.
  • i just realised that i've stopped reading actually interesting and legitimate articles when online. i should waste time at least intelligibly.
  • i have physical pains because of fatigue. this is not healthy.
  • i'm also nostalgic for when i was known for being a good listener. i've recently been writing more of my thoughts than of my imaginings. this quite distresses me; rambling on about myself is horrible, as much as i love writing letters. it'll be gradual, but i believe change will come again.
  • oh, orchestral music meant for dancing: the symphony was ever so lovely. i can't help but close my eyes when i listen to classical music, especially especially live. watching the musicians is engaging to be sure, but a bit too much of a distraction! from the actual nuances and crescendos and other such beauties in music. but it really was so delightful. and then we ate out at a thai restaurant and they really are the two dearest people to me. :)
  • a friend has taken to calling me "invisible grandma" and "secret grandma," due to the nearly-clear-rimmed glasses that i've recently started wearing. i feel like this--being compared to an old lady--is an accomplishment, haha.
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