• there's a statue in my college library that i am half in love with
  • sometimes, i catch myself in the middle of a thought and i realize how foolish i am being
  • i really love voices, i just hate the sound of my own
  • i haven't been all that happy lately (sleep deprivation makes me melancholy), but i've generally been oddly positive
  • my lack of emotional stability sometimes scares me
  • the dining hall food isn't horrible, but it suppresses my appetite and i'm hungry later and i sometimes feel ill because of it
  • i've really been craving a chai latte
  • i've had a few negatively awkward moments: i usually do not start conversations with people i do not know well, so i was in the lounge's kitchen cooking and eating a late meal and a group of people were in the common area, being loud together, and it was so uncomfortable to endure
  • it surprises me how quick people are to call others 'friends'; i do think that i am in the process of becoming friends with people, to be sure, but i hadn't had even one actual conversation with this girl and--i don't know, it just made me uncomfortable because i don't feel emotionally close to many people at all
  • i need to figure out how to spread out the reading for two of my classes, so i'm not overwhelmed every monday night
  • for my group in chemistry, i think i am the member with the most intensive mathematics and chemistry background, which is very worrying
  • i've been feeling quite okay lately and i hope you have been, too
  • i have been spending so much time in the library, i think the librarians are starting to recognize me, haha
  • (but i love libraries and i love people-watching)
  • i procrastinated on continuing readings for class and wasted almost an hour by going around the literature section: staring up at volumes of tennyson's poetry, hugging wilde's letters to me and being intimidated by the first page of the french copy of swann's way; it was time well-spent :)
  • on second thought, nighttime just makes me so incurably sad
aug 29 2011 ∞
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