• (to anyone that i owe letters: i am so dreadfully sorry, really, but i will get them to you soon, i promise)
  • i spent tonight planning a collab channel with my two best friends to actively keep in touch through college; this makes me happy :)
  • i have to write a speech in mandarin to give at the grad party my church is throwing me friday night, ahh
  • after owning it for several years, i finally watched the history boys! it is a bit crude, but it says some marvelous things about history and learning and education and it just is genuinely a good movie
  • i've figured out which books and films to bring with me to college, and the bedding. and that's about it.
  • i may have to get shots before school starts and i'm dreadfully nervous because i am terrified of needles (the nurse always yells at me)
  • phones make me panicky
  • i had my first skype video chat the other day! my roommate seems really lovely :) i am trying to figure out what to bake for her for when we first meet
  • we got copies of the tentative orientation schedule! and it's making me all excited and nervous
  • i have glow-in-the-dark stars to put up in my dorm room
  • i am finally cleaning my room
  • there is music that i need to move from my father's laptop to mine
  • i worked with four/five-year-olds for a week at my church, and goodness, they were adorable :) i've realised within this past year how much i want my own children, and it's something that scares me quite a bit
  • i am trying to make someone a mixtape, so hopefully this works out :)
aug 4 2011 ∞
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