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  • i will make petits fours glac├ęs at some point.
  • the day before valentine's day this year, there is a math competition. i'm thinking of baking strawberry-flavoured cupcakes, decorated with homemade frosting.
  • i am anxious about my sat results which i will receive on thursday.
  • i quite dislike the house of the spirits.
  • if i become nervous enough, my heart won't stop racing and i develop random bodily pains.
  • the absence of a particular public television channel creates such a void in my life. i used to watch british sitcoms on saturday nights and masterpiece episodes on occasion. why did it go away with the new dtv converter box?
  • our practice history internal assessment questions are due on thursday. i'm frightened that someone has already claimed mine.
  • i wish that my eyes were green and that i could swim like a mermaid.
  • borrowing joshua bell's vivaldi: the four seasons from the library is one of the best decisions that i have made in a while.
    • i am a little upset at how few of my friends know who he is.
  • i haven't really begun looking at colleges at all. i don't have high hopes for out-of-state ones. but the ones that have caught my attention are st john's, for its curriculum, and ursinus, for its creative writing scholarship.
  • i don't know why i hadn't realised that one could major in astronomy. i am saddened that i'm really not all that good at calculus. nor am i a big science person.
  • i need to find some french poetry. or some fairy tales in that language with which to distract myself before such troubling oral presentations.
  • i am not sure what sat subject tests i should take. or if i should even take them at all. french and literature, perhaps?
  • i must remember to not fall behind on my history vocabulary notebook while there are only two to do.
  • i really cannot wait till my junior pinning next week.
  • i should use that teal-coloured nail polish sitting so demurely beside my bed.
  • is the light in the piazza not a beautiful title?
  • the public library is depressingly void of history books, especially on canada. i want to get lost in a big university one.
  • i see twinkling stars when i think about high culture. it makes me that happy.
  • buying an old hardcover and library copy of fantastic beasts and where to find them for ten cents made me far too happy.
  • after my oral friday, my french teacher told me that my pronunciation was "okay." but okay means different things to different people. in english, it's typically used when something's merely adequate. but i know that in hk, it's more than good. i hate having to guess what she meant. especially since i think that my pronunciation is one of the only things i'm actually fairly decent at in french.
  • the left screw of my glasses repeatedly falls out. it's fustrating.
  • i have an unnaturally large number of obsessions. i become nearly infatuated with almost everything that i encounter. there is just that much to love about life.
  • my organisation is really just a guise. i'm a mindless mess if i don't obsessively write things down in my planner and in lists.
  • i want to doodle and write inspirational things all over a stack of sticky notes and just leave them everywhere.
  • honestly, i don't really like people in general. the random gossiping girls, the people who cut everyone in line. i'm an introvert, really, in that i prefer solitude and silence to most things. but then things will happen that make me like all these individual people in my life. someone who took the time to compliment me on a piece of my writing, for example. someone that i may never even have met in real life. that just gives me such a sense of joy. :)
    • also, how am i supposed to reply to such a review?
  • watching professor hungerford's "the american novel since 1945" lectures from open yale courses make me really look forward to college. :)
  • i don't like when the title of a book is located so obviously in the text. it just seems too brazen to me, as if the author is saying, 'this is why i named it this. pay attention to this!'
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mar 22 2010 +
user picture sugarplum: i feel the same way about astronomy! i loved the idea until i realized math and science are far more important for the discipline than simply a love for looking at the stars. :( haha feb 8 2010
user picture encre: oh, goodness, i know! :( i suppose i'm relatively good at math and people actually have some strange illusion that i'm good at science. and neither are fields that i am honestly willing to devote my life to. i'm more of an idealist, i suppose, loving ideas and concepts and dreaming. and i just remembered that i hate applications; i just like the actual, basic, pure math. so, actually, i think studying astronomy like that might take away my love of the stars, which would be beyond a tragedy. oh, well, it was a good dream ... :) feb 13 2010
user picture sugarplum: it was a lovely dream! if only stargazing was a profession. that would be ideal :) ooh, i just read the last statement on your list. do you want to attend yale? that's amazing! i am considering applying there, or princeton. i don't know how realistic that is for me though :( feb 19 2010
user picture encre: ohh, that would be the loveliest of jobs! :) hm, i don't know, really. i've really done such little research into colleges. the out-of-state colleges i'm interested in are all private and mostly liberal arts ones. i'm currently quite enamored by st. john's college. :) oh, and university of chicago, as well. i usually aim high, but i'm almost afraid to for colleges. i'll probably end up attending a state school for undergrad. :( oh, but both yale and princeton have beautiful campuses ... feb 20 2010
user picture sugarplum: my favorites are all liberal arts as well! st. john's sounds very interesting, i am definitely going to look into it now :) i really love its curriculum! oh, and state schools are very good too-- apparently, in my state, people have turned down acceptances to harvard to attend one of the honors colleges at the main state university! (which i do not understand but to each his own :) haha) and oh i know, they are gorgeous! the beauty of a school is one of the most important things for me when choosing haha which isn't the most practical factor, i realize. but ah, places like bryn mawr, with castles for dorms and oxfordian cloisters... to go there would be so, so lovely! feb 21 2010
user picture encre: i look forward to the freedom that comes with college, but i am really quite taken by the rigidity of its curriculum. i'm holding on to the notion that i still have my love of learning in tact, and i know that though i would love to read some of those books, i would never actually do so unless they were essentially forced upon me. and one must learn latin and music and philosophy? it's the most full-bodied education i can imagine. :) there's actually a public liberal arts college in my state, too, that i'm now rather interested in. state schools aren't horrible, i suppose, but i want to live somewhere with actual seasons. oh, for a school with a lush surrounding, ivy creeping over buildings, quaint cottages lining walls ... feb 25 2010
user picture sugarplum: ah i know, i loved what a classical education st. john's has! :) ooh i know, where i live there are practically no seasons either :( a school that i am looking at now is amsterdam university college, their curriculum seemed to me to be similar to st. john's and ib even, in a way! and ah the netherlands would be so so so amazing :) mar 4 2010
user picture encre: oh, how funny! i have a classmate who's dutch and his family is moving back to the netherlands when he graduates. i think the mother's logic is that they'll pay higher taxes, but he'll essentially be getting free higher education. europeans ... :p you design your own study programme? i don't know what i'd do with that much freedom! mar 8 2010
user picture sugarplum: hahaha! :) and yeah, once i did more research i decided i didn't much want to attend auc. i'm so indecisive about colleges! it frightens me a bit. haha
user picture encre: i guess it's because i took the sat in january, i suppose, but every single day now i've been getting some sort of mail from a college. i'm trying to organise it all but just have this ridiculous large pile in my living room floor that keeps growing ... oh! not entirely relevent, but i was looking at summer programmes at oxford university. it was entirely overwhelming. mar 17 2010
user picture sugarplum: oh me too!! i'm sort of obsessive about my letters, i alphabetize them and count them hahah! and ooh oxford, that's amazing! you should definitely go! oxford is my greatest dream. american university of paris has summer programs, too! or that may only be for college students... i can't quite remember. but i just visited aup, i was in paris the past week. it's in such a beautiful neighborhood! i would adore to go there... mar 28 2010
user picture encre: ah, i love alphabetising things! i must do that with my letters when i have time. :) ohh, i would love to, if it wasn't so ridiculously expensive. :( i can dream, i can dream. oh, and paris, too! i am so jealous; a friend just spent spring break in europe. i would love to study abroad! i plan on majoring in english, though, so it's may not be entirely ideal, depending on the country. apr 6 2010