• and i remember the social anxiety. oh, good grief.
    • (i'm sorry. i'm not trying to take away from you as individuals and i'm sure a lot of my heightened sensitivity was due to how tired i've been today; i, for example, noticed the flickering light straightaway, which didn't help my nerves whatsoever. But that was the most uncomfortable that i have been since i've started college.)
  • and then, of course, the next night, a group of (at some point) eleven of us were all gathered just to talk and rant and hang out and that didn't overwhelm me whatsoever; that was actually really wonderful and cathartic
  • many buildings of my school used to be part of an estate, and i played the piano in an old mansion today--a key is stuck, though--and i must, must sing in the music room at some point: the acoustics are wonderful
    • one of my new friends sang the most creepy and ethereal song; their voice is beautiful
  • i think i want to sing sutton foster's "flight", if i physically can
  • i rewatched the sisterhood of traveling pants tonight, and want badly to learn greek
    • i am also remembering how much i identified with lena
    • (i loved those books)
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