• i want to reach for stars and grasp more than air (though sweet) between my fingers.
  • if you could continue being my darling, even if only in my dreams, i think i'd carry enough happiness to continue living this life.
  • the flow of those written words are like a woven cloth--uneven in certain spots, but something i can wrap around me in the dark.
  • soon, i will hunt for film cameras and typewriters in thrift stores.
  • corduroy is also called corded velveteen, which makes me catch my breath.
  • i had dreams of living in an old bookstore. but i've been wearing the perfumes of these history books all day, and i must say that my head feel a bit of pain (or is it simply sleep depravation?) and my mouth tastes odd (or do i simply need water?).
  • you're the loveliest, i say, for your unnatural tolerance of my antics. how rare and undeserved.
  • "This is what I admire: the admixture of whimsy and precision. Do we admire in others what we wish for in ourselves? (I lack any trace of whimsy, and possess only marginal precision.)"
  • my newest discovery is that i am a 'highly sensitive person' (hsp). i'm not alone in having a highly tuned nervous system.
  • joshua bell is going to be in my area in february! being able to buy tickets to see such concerts is a good reason to want to get a job, right?
  • i feel so bad about how much money i need to ask my parents for this week. graduation fees are so ridiculous.
  • i'm wearing neutral colours and feeling quite the same.
  • i really want to see a performance of the nutcracker.
  • being sore and sick is no way to be. this always seems to happen near christmas too! i want to be well enough to go caroling at the end of this week.
  • i just realised that i haven't seen my navy sweater/shirt at all this fall. the one that i'm only attached to because it's made in ireland, haha. i'm a little perturbed by this; i need to clean my room, obviously.
  • i really want a laptop skin of renior's 'the boating party'! or maybe degas's 'group of dancers' ...
oct 1 2010 ∞
dec 13 2010 +
user picture sugarplum: oh my goodness! i am an hsp as well! :) one more thing that we have in common! haha:) oct 30 2010
user picture encre: :) i am not surprised at all! i feel like you're my kindred spirit, at times! except far more ethereal than i could ever be :) at any rate, i'm so glad that there's a name for it, no matter how unoriginal, haha. oh and i'm sorry if this is a bit personal, but i saw a list you had up recently, and i've just been hoping that you're feeling better now :( nov 7 2010
user picture sugarplum: oh my goodness you are the sweetest! it is an honor to be considered your kindred spirit i assure you:) and oh no don't be sorry, i very much appreciate your thought. i was worried that people would find it too dark so i removed it, but i am feeling better lately, thank you buttercup! :) nov 9 2010
user picture encre: :) i genuinedly wish we talk more! we should exchange handwritten letters or something, haha. ah, good, i'm glad! hopefully the holidays and the cold cheer you up, too! dec 5 2010
user picture sugarplum: aww me too! you know, i was thinking the same thing:) do you have a facebook or something? i only ask because posting addresses via comments is a bit public haha! :)
user picture sugarplum: i sent you a friend request:) i wrote in the message that i am sugarplum! dec 9 2010
user picture sugarplum: haha oh goodness i'm not very smart... i meant to write in a message who i am but i forgot :( but the picture is of a girl with long brown hair (me) with her hands on the legs of a horse statue haha, i'm sorry for the confusion:(
user picture encre: deleting my last comment, just so you know :) and ahaha, you're fine; no confusion at all!