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  • 'What sound does a rabbit make? Nothing? No, wait-! The crunching on carrots!'
    • the 1:50:47 long phone conversation with my best friend :)
  • What sound does a kangaroo make?
    • one of my best friends' little sister wants to know :)
  • Could I write my Extended Essay in English on Le Petit Prince?
    • It'd probably be French, no?
    • Actually, only one of the works has to originally be in English. Thus, if I can find an English piece of literature to campare it with ... I have a bit more hope now. :)
  • If I were to write my Extended Essay in English, does the book chosen have to be considered a classic? (Or 'do the books chosen have to be considered classics?')
    • Anne of Green Gables?
    • Song of a Sparrow?
    • Darn "works of literary merit."
  • I wonder if majoring in English Literature and then minoring in Linguistics is too ... redundant?
  • I wonder if there's a college somewhere that offers Irish (_Gaeilge_) courses.
  • I wonder if I can make 'face' work as a ToK presentation topic.
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