because i've been ranting far too much recently and should probably work on appearing less pretentious and whiny. :)

  • this is technically my last week of school. and then the dreaded junior year of ib will be over. and the beautiful summer holidays will begin!
  • i am staying home this summer, like my reclusive nature wants me to. :)
  • i am going to see the remus lupins perform this summer while they're on tour. and i am beyond psyched about my first wizard rock concert.
  • i am in the middle of karl iagnemma's 'on the nature of human romantic interaction'. it's a collection of short stories about scientists and mathematicians falling in love. imagine that, a scientist who does not write science-fiction. he's brilliant.
  • i now know what to order at starbucks. a grande caffè misto, made with whole milk. and i take it with two sugars. i just adore cafés au lait. it's the only way i like coffee. and i kind of want one right now.
  • 'adventures in american literature' has this to say about e. e. cummings: 'he had little use for the mass of people but was delighted by the promise inherent in individuals.' i read that today. and that sums up my feelings about people perfectly.
  • i think i did well on my last french oral! i was eerily calm before it this time.
  • my sense of fashion isn't too bad when i put in a little effort.
  • this time next year, my ib exams will be finished. and i'll know what college i'm going to. and about to graduate. and hopefully i can head off to somewhere wonderful during the summer. though hk's not bad, either.
  • i went to a birthday party yesterday and we ate out at an indian restaurant. the waiter kind of raised his eyebrows after i ordered. and my friend told me that i have a good accent, haha. :) i enjoy eating with my hands a lot. and eating naan.
  • college applications start soon!
  • i love my friend's adorable kitten an awful lot.
  • and central air conditioning.
  • i love my friends. i love watching harry potter movies with my friends, especially.
  • beautiful quotations are the best things in the world.
  • i am so happy that part of my summer homework for french is to read parts of le petit prince.
  • i ordered it and broken chords online the other day. the latter is one of the saddest, mst beautifully tragic books that i have read. i think i could idenitify with how torn the main character was over playing the piano.
  • i read eugene o'neill's play beyond the horizon today. i haven't decided if it's a tragedy yet. but it made me cry. which is always strangely refreshing to do while reading.
  • is it weird that the glee version of 'poker face' has been stuck in my head all weekend?
  • i have been told to learn from my dad how to sew over the summer so i can help with wardrobe next year for the musical.
  • i'm watching northanger abbey and remembering why henry tilney is one of my literary crushes. oh, his wit. :)
may 31 2010 ∞
dec 12 2010 +
user picture sugarplum: i've had glee's "bad romance" in my head all day haha! how funny. and i am very envious of the remus lupins concert! haha that should be amazing :) may 31 2010
user picture encre: haha i don't even normally watch glee. but gosh, so catchy. oh and the faces they make always make me smile. haha it's probably the only exciting thing that i'm doing this summer! along with the ministry of magic, they're probably my favourite wizard rock band. hopefully i get to go to leakycon next year. :)
user picture sugarplum: haha oh i know! they are very endearing. and ah cool! what i really want to see is the wizarding world of harry potter haha but i live far from florida and idk if i would get to anytime soon :( jun 1 2010
user picture encre: i love 'em :) oh, me too! aw, at least it'll still be here when you get around to it? ... yeah, i live in florida. so i want to go to a convention that's pretty nearby so i don't have to pay for airfare hehe. jun 4 2010
user picture sugarplum: true true :) and oh you're lucky! that makes sense. i hope that you can go! :)
user picture encre: well, all i've been aware of recently is the ridiculous humidity, so i haven't really been feeling the luck ;) i desperately want to go to college out of state. i think i've told you that before? but haha thanks! i think i was supposed to this summer for my birthday, but i'm not sure how that's going to work out. jun 5 2010
user picture sugarplum: haha ah, florida's humidity is very intense! i don't have humidity, but, it is 112 degrees today where i live :( and yes, i am pretty sure it was you who told me about st. john's! :)
user picture encre: ah that does not sound fun at all. temperatures like that is why i'm a recluse during the summer holidays :) oh yes yes, i love it! i'm not sure how i feel about anapolis yet, though. i was also made aware the other day of how miserable i would be at a public university. a hundred other people in my classes? no, thank you. jun 6 2010
user picture sugarplum: haha being a recluse is a very wise decision! :) and yeah when i researched it i couldn't really see myself in either location... i am now leaning very strongly towards kenyon college! it is known for its incredible english program, and it is just stunningly beautiful. what captured my interest in the first place was when i received a letter from them with a picture of a snowy owl on it, saying "still waiting for your owl?" ahaha ever since then i have loved everything else about it. :) and oh goodness, i know, that would be so impersonal and absolutely no fun at all :( jun 8 2010
user picture encre: gah, i forgot that i'm taking drivers ed this summer. so i get to be outside of my school for a month ... yay :) ah, i really like kenyon! what probably cinched it for me was finding out that john green went there, haha. the one thing i'm not sure about is going to school in ohio, but i'm definitely applying. :) yes, exactly. and if i want the professor to know me anyway, i'd rather it be because it's a small class. not because i had to go up to him/her and be like 'i know you have like a hundred people here, but hi!' haha. jun 14 2010
user picture sugarplum: haha oh i know, i resisted looking into it for so so long because it is in ohio haha. what made me (somewhat) make my peace with it was that the campus itself is incredible and that 40 minutes away or so is a mall with anthropologie and henri bendel. :) hahaha. and yes definitely, and it's a lot easier (for me anyway) to open up when there are fewer people, i'm very shy and large groups of people make me nervous :/ jun 17 2010
user picture encre: exactly my sentiments. i guess i'll just look into it some more. :) ohh, yes. i can be quite talkative, but i prefer socialisation on a smaller scale. i find large groups really kind of draining. and it gets pretty bad; my friend had a party the a couple of weeks ago, and i went outside, while it was getting dark, to stop dealing with all the noise, haha. jun 20 2010
user picture sugarplum: i just visited kenyon and it is so lush and magical, it is like camelot to me-- castles surrounded by woodlands. if by chance you do decide to look into it i think you would like what you find. :)and ah, i can definately sympathize with that! i really have to force myself to be social sometimes but i dread it so because it really does take so much out of you :( jun 26 2010
user picture sugarplum: (i meant to write definitely hahaha)
user picture encre: i 'took' the virtual tour online the other day. and wow, every building looks like a castle! i've been feeling a bit stressed lately because i have to figure out exactly which colleges to apply to soon. gah. haha, yeah, i much prefer just stay inside. and i've been reading for long periods of time again, ahh :) jul 7 2010
user picture sugarplum: ah, that makes me happy! :) and oh goodness it is such a stressful process :( i cannot wait until it is all over! and ooh, i am very envious :) i love when you have been reading for so long that when you finally look up from the pages everything else seems blurry! haha i have been too busy with work to read for very long :( jul 12 2010
user picture encre: well, one year from now, we'll be preparing for college, and all of this will be worth it :) haha, that sounds surprisingly pleasant! i've found that rereading's nice. just flip to one's favourite part of the novel and read to the end, haha :) but even with all this reading, i haven't found THE work(s) to use for my english extended essay. it's giving me so much grief right now. jul 31 2010
user picture sugarplum: ah i cannot wait :) :) and i love doing that too! and oh no, the extended essay is the bane of my existence as well :( i hope that the perfect book or books will come to you soon :) aug 10 2010
user picture all about alice: interesting list. :) jun 5 2010
user picture encre: i take interesting as a compliment, so thank you so much :)