• sleep & smiles
  • outfits made for dancing in the woods
  • when people are visibly happy to see you
  • roses and butterflies, just about everywhere
  • whimsy, not for the sake of whimsy, but genuine exuberance and an embrace of being an individual
  • being reasonable
  • all the colours of graduation cords twisted together
  • the idea of losing one's self in an art museum, day after day
  • a hedge maze
  • books that smell perfect
  • music that you feel with your entire body and soul
  • slowing down for once and realising moments of your life for what they are
  • polka dots on tights and on skirts
  • a heart that is beating at the right pace
  • dreams and wishes and aspirations
  • mail, both sending it out and receiving it
  • lovely names
  • thinking and being alone with thoughts
  • small children being adorable
may 6 2011 ∞
apr 3 2013 +
user picture NaaLaa: i like your list. its deep yet simple. :] may 7 2011
user picture encre: oh, thank you! i'm flattered you think so :)
user picture NaaLaa: No worries!! may 9 2011