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  • when someone walks ahead of me to open the door for me
  • when I mention that I listen to Wizard Rock and a friend, whom I did not know listened to it, goes 'LOVE it!'
  • when someone who didn't see the point of Wizard Rock becomes obsessed
  • being a upperclassman and having the brilliant teachers
    • and finally being pleased with the courses I'm taking
  • He doesn't believe that I can fail an English oral.
    • which i didn't! i got a check-plus :) the highest grade!
  • We are so definitely "The Uncoordinated Chorus".
  • when I'm pacing around at lunch, practicing for and reciting a French oral and a friend comes up and askes, "Do you want me to walk around with you so you look less crazy?"
  • when we're ahead of schedule and accidentally start the award ceremony too early and don't have all the results yet and we have our last MAO president stall for us with an impromptu speech
    • my respect for him has increased perhaps tenfold
  • when you know, through whatever source it may be, about the pain and trials that someone is facing, but he's still able to act normally and pull through
  • listening to Darren Criss sing
  • gorgeous new hoodies lined with fleece, so warm warm warm
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