since I'm apparently supposed to push myself to socialise more

  • (1/18) went to see beauty & the beast with h&s
  • (1/21) a visited & we went to the dimsum restaurant
  • (1/23) went with d to buy things for her dorm
  • (1/26) had dinner with s & then bought groceries
  • (1/27) went to the sarasota symphony! with s
  • (1/28) went to see spoken word poet alysia harris perform in our black box theatre, then listened to an upper-year beautifully lecture about the war the roses, and then talked with an upper-year about experiences in china, where she has study abroad
  • (1/29) gym with a&m
  • (1/31) went with a&l to the music room in the former mansion by the bay to practice (and record!) water night :):)
jan 28 2012 ∞
feb 10 2012 +