inspired by, but mostly from, Gala's 50 Things To Do Before Winter Ends

  • Find yourself a perfect red lipstick
  • Decorate your bedroom with fairy lights
  • Buy yourself a bathrobe to lounge in
  • Drink more juice
  • Knit/crochet hats & scarves
  • Spend an entire weekend watching your favourite show
  • Guard against the dreaded dry skin by moisturising regularly!
  • Perfect a hot chocolate recipe
  • Buy a pair of slippers
  • Cultivate a fabulous stocking collection & use them to dress up simple outfits
  • Go to the ballet
  • Yawn as often as you like
  • Procure a pair of ultra-cute mittens on a string
  • Allow yourself lots of quiet, dimly-lit alone time
  • Buy watercolours & a notebook & go wild
  • Eat mashed potatoes
  • Carry a hot water bottle everywhere
  • Make a fort
  • Read trashy novels in bed
  • Write long letters to your favourite people (even if they live nearby)
  • Choreograph dances in your living room to stay warm!
  • Fill a huge glass jar in your living room with sweets
  • Wear a hoodie (with the hood pulled up) to sleep in
  • Buy an enormous fluffy rug
  • Imagine yourself sleeping on a big cloud
  • Reclaim old personality traits which have been trampled into oblivion
  • Find yourself a magical talisman
  • Watch Charlie Chaplin movies
  • Pick a new hero
  • Wear leg-warmers
  • Think about where you would like to spend your next winter!
  • Wear a coat with a huge collar & pretend you’re a superhero in disguise
    • MY RED CAPE! :)
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