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  • Go to bed thirty minutes earlier than usual.
  • Get up twenty minutes earlier than usual.
  • Before you go to sleep, prepare for the morning.
  • Bring a hat and an umbrella.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes or uncomfortable shoes.
  • Make a list.
  • Listen to a favorite song.
  • Keep extra cash and stamps in the house.
  • Be polite and be fair.
  • Laugh out loud.
  • Have a good book to read.
  • Keep an extra set of keys.
  • Exercise.
  • Always keep your passport in the same place.
  • Throw something away.
  • Don’t say mean things about other people.
  • Put a Bandaid in your wallet.
  • Keep gas in the car.
  • Pay attention to someone else.
  • Make your bed.

a stitch in time saves nine.

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