<3 my dog, atz being themselves around us, harry potter fanfictions (drarry!!!), (un)finished mangas, fanarts, the moon and stars, rodansey being the epitome of love, twin flames, calico cats, masquerade balls, big and round eyes and noses, kdramas, cats, fresh water, summer chilly breezes, phone cases !!!, country music, urban landscapes, white haired fictional characters, my friends, daydreams, having the same dream again and again but never quite remembering it, cafuné, alice in wonderland, warm blackets during the winter, songs i've yet to know and friends i’ve yet to make, sleeping, scorpios (from the distance, as a concept), tasks-free days, mobile games, make people laugh, soft hands, cloudy days, oversized t-shirts, petrichor, opposites attract and found family trope, orange juice, greek mythology, universe related quotes, the color pink, golden jewelry, the powerpuff girls, immortal beings, hades (the game), the song of achilles, cursive handwriting, mineiro accent, retractable red pen (or any red object in general), romance! but only when it’s fictional, monochromatic color scheme or anything i consider to be visually pleasing.

</3 intrusive/impulsive thoughts, academic language, lack of sleeping pills, guilt, ignorance, sloppiness, being ignored, math, self doubt, wet socks, hot drinks, emotional dependency, speed, sour envy, adrenaline, rudeness, dog growl, mood swings, seafood, absence of basic emotions, loneliness.

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