• i could have made for each of you a list, but then i thought why such a trouble, we're an ot3 anyway
  • a quick recap on how this stupid ot3 was formed:
    • choco and mia are in a gay relationship which i don't want to know more of
    • how i met choco: she's friends with chi, i'm friends with chi too. so that obviously makes us friends too!
    • how i met mia: idk, i followed her on twitter first because of galaexo then she followed me back and we started talking then fell in love
    • and then choco would always jump in me and mia's convos (because she's a jealous boyfriend) so 3 of us would carry a convo altogether. then somehow among our convos choco called us "the hopeless ot3" and tada, chocopiemia was born!
  • cheesy pie is choco and mia's favorite
    • "chokercool: @paiisama @jongsins awwww cheesy pie my favorite pie"
  • "when we meet, the new world shall open up." - mia
    • we already have a plan for a our first official meeting!
      • basically we will meet at choco's house and turn it to be a dance club
      • i will be a pole. mia and choco will dance around me while naked yay
      • eat barbecue in the heat of 36C in summer INSIDE choco's room
  • everytime we end a convo, choco always tweets how much she loves us, this precious ot3 :') i love us too. we love us
  • we have a complicated relationship:
      • choco is the sunggyu to mia's woohyun, and i'm the myungsoo to their woogyu (what)
  • so far we've called ourselves:
    • hopeless ot3 (of course)
    • xmen origins: choco/pie/mia
    • xmen third-class (sequel to xmen origins idk don't ask me)
    • "chokercool: @paiisama @jongsins cta sẽ là pie ơ rô mịa bảng anh và chô won nhé.."
    • charlie's angels
  • choco and mia are the sweetest persons (but they're annoying lovebirds please get a room don't flirt on my timeline omg?)
    • "chokercool: @yeoliette @paiisama nè h 2 ng đều k có đây mới dám sến. có chuyện gì thì phải nói với tui nha, phải nói đó, nếu không tui sẽ rất buồn đó. có thể tui không làm dc có ích gì đâu nhưng tui sẽ ôm 2 người dc. hehe yêu 2 người lắm :***"
    • "yeoliette: @chokercool @paiisama 2 người cũng phải vậy đó nha có gì khó nói cứ nói với tui, chửi tui cũng phải nói với tui nha :* thương rất rất nhiềuu"
  • this list makes them cry lmao should i feel guilty, nope
    • "jongsins: @paiisama @chokercool pai làm mình muyến khóc huhu"
  • 20120915 cheer up and caring tweets ♥
  • hehe us!
    • choco is the giant dog
    • mia is the naughty kitten who likes to show off her ass in choco's face
    • i'm the nicest one, staying still and being adorable!
  • future job all 3 of us aim to get: admin fansite
    • mia: sehun/kai fansites
    • choco: taec/dujoon/myungsoo/sungyeol fansites (goodness!)
    • me: chanyeol/baekhyun fansites
    • such bright futures (not)
  • choco: "@paiisama dont worry when i get married i will invite u"
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