• cinema
    • daredevil, season 1 (2015) ↻
    • love and monsters (2020) dir. michael matthews
    • tick, tick...boom! (2021) dir. lin-manuel miranda
    • the french dispatch (2021) dir. wes anderson
    • mamma mia! (2008) dir. phyllida lloyd
    • interview with the vampire (1994) dir. neil jordan
    • amélie (2001) dir. jean-pierre jeunet
    • mad max: fury road (2015) dir. george miller
    • the medium (2021) dir. banjong pisanthanakun
    • nausicaa of the valley of the wind (1984) dir. hayao miyazaki
    • wandavision (2021) dir. matt shakman
  • literature
    • preludes & nocturnes (the sandman #1) by neil gaiman
    • station eleven by emily st. john mandel
  • music
    • crashing down by arlie
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jan 15 2022 +

movie (6/19)

    • girl, interrupted (1999) dir. james mangold
    • amélie (2001) dir. jean-pierre jeunet
    • mad max: fury road (2015) dir. george miller
    • interview with the vampire (1994) dir. neil jordan
    • the killing of sacred deer (2017) dir. yorgos lanthimos
    • 12 angry men (1957) dir. sidney lumet
    • mother! (2017) dir. darren aronofsky
    • the french dispatch (2021) dir. wes anderson
    • dune (2021) dir. denis villeneuve
    • yi yi (2000) dir. edward yang
    • mamma mia! (2008) dir. phyllida lloyd
    • house (1977) dir. nobuhiko obayashi
    • burning (2018) dir. lee chang-dong
    • poetry (2010) dir. lee chang-dong
    • flipped (2010) dir. rob reiner
    • american beauty (1999) dir. sam mendes
    • tangerine (2015) dir. sean baker
    • the virgin suicides (1999) dir. sofia coppola
    • pulp fiction (1994) dir. quentin tarantino
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  • belatedly celebrating lin's birthday by solving a fictional case jas bought online, watching a few episodes of kimetsu no yaiba, eating rice bowls, and eating a cake we brought for her earlier. we talked about sentimental stuff & our recent activities that keep us busy.
  • rewatching daredevil. my close friends would know that matt murdock is all that i could talk about for these past few weeks after his reappearance in no way home. rewatching the show doesn't only help with the longing for one of my favorite characters, but also have me realize the growth i've made since the last time i watched it, academically and emotionally. as a law student, i now have slightly wider scope of knowledge relating to matters matt & foggy are dealing with and that makes me happy somehow.
  • meeting up with rey! i want to tear up as i write this because it was so pleasant...._gacoan_ noodles for dinner before riding motorcy..._wedang bajigur,_ which was my first time tasting it too. ...
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jan 17 2022 +

a collection of taylor swift's lyrics with the ability to unravel me completely in the most twisted way.

  • the story of us
    • "the battle's in your hands now / but i would lay my armor down / if you say you'd rather love than fight"
  • never grow up
    • "take pictures in your mind of your childhood room / memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home / remember the footsteps, remember the words said / and all your little brother's favorite songs / i just realized everything i have is someday gonna be gone"
  • last kiss
    • "so i'll watch your life in pictures like i used to watch you sleep / and i feel y...
jan 9 2022 ∞
jan 13 2022 +


  • The Wes Anderson Style Explained: Ultima... written by SC Lannom
    • "Anderson and Yeoman often present images in symmetrical, flat compositions. This furthers the "storybook motif" that Anderson creates with his visuals, letting viewers feel like they are moving through some sort of doll house world."
  • How Lin-Manuel Miranda resurrected an un... written by Ashley Lee
    • “For anybody who is working toward something, there are those moments where you’re supremely confident, and then the next moment, you’re just absolutely full of despair and doubt of whether you’re ever going to be understood. And sometimes you don’t realize how your passionate, single-minded focus on a goal is impacting the people around you, and stopping you from seeing what’s really important.”... — Julie Larson
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  • movies
    • moonlit winter (2019) dir. dae hyung lim, rec. by ata
    • luca (2021) dir. enrico casarosa, rec. by rico
    • 2001: a space odyssey (1968) dir. stanley kubrick, rec. by ata
    • ice princess (2005) dir. tim fywell, rec. by lois
    • love for sale (2018) dir. andibachtiar yusuf, rec. by kak ciki
    • hellboy i & ii (2004 & 2008) dir. gillermo del toro, rec. by cate
    • set it up (2018) dir. claire scanlon, rec. by ruth
    • soul (2020) dir. pete docter, kemp powers, rec. by kak fiqa
    • the post (2017) dir. steven spielberg, rec. by ata
    • the birds (1963) dir. alfred hitchcock, rec. by jacqui
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