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Hey! I'm Katelyn, and I draw a lot.
I'm a PC gamer. I'm hoping to find some people who are interested in the same things I am--mostly VVVVVV, Hollow Knight, and World Of Goo..I like indie games. I'm really shy and introverted, but I'd love to make a few friends!
I'm not too good at summarizing myself ;-;

Legacy follows:
  • Birthday is May 4th
  • I live in the USA
  • Cobalt blue hair (dyed, of course. I'm naturally blonde.)
  • Blue eyes, sometimes with tinges of gray or green
  • I'm taller than one of my sisters, and my mom
  • I have a Toshiba laptop
  • I'm naturally very paranoid and terrified of being alone
  • I have no friends in real life
  • I really want to learn to play the piano
  • I took this background picture with a professional camera
  • A little-known fact about me is that I love celery
  • I'm the youngest of three kids
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  • I wear a hoodie everywhere I go. I just don't like people seeing me. I don't like feeling exposed.
  • When I'm in public places, I tend to hold my jacket pockets with both hands. That, or my hands are in my pockets. I'm just a little paranoid of strangers trying to steal something.
  • I prefer to wear leggings.
  • I sometimes like to make strange noises for no particular reason.
  • When I'm really excited about something, I giggle like I'm insane.
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  • Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull
  • Survivors by Erin Hunter
  • The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
  • Foxcraft by Inbali Iserles
  • Wings Of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland
  • Warriors by Erin Hunter
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  • Certainly
  • Noticeably
  • Coincidence
  • Conscious
  • Occasionally
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  • Singer: Owl City
  • Game: Hollow Knight
  • Constellation: Cassiopeia
  • Animal: Red fox
  • More specifically, bird: Peregrine falcon
  • Color: Any shade of dull blue or green, maybe dark red
  • Color combination: Cyan and gray OR cyan and lime green
  • Season: Autumn
  • Food: Probably barbecue ribs, depending on the place
  • Drink: Probably..uhh..chocolate milk? I don't know.
  • Book series: Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull
  • TV show: Either Psych or I Love Lucy
  • Song: Majesty by Disasterpeace (changes often)
  • Word: Silk (changes occasionally)
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  • Owl City

Fiji Water, House Wren, Cinematic, Firebird, Silhouette, Unbelievable, Verge, Speed Of Love, Plant Life, The Yacht Club

  • Starset

Starlight, Ricochet, Antigravity, Dark On Me, Telescope, Carnivore, Halo, Everglow, Back To The Earth, Frequency

  • Rise Against

Megaphone, Miracle, Satellite, Make It Stop, The Violence, Far From Perfect, Politics Of Love, How Many Walls, Make It Stop, Savior

  • Five Finger Death Punch

Remember Everything, Sham Pain, I Apologize, Gone Away, Blue On Black, Wrong Side Of Heaven

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  • As I mentioned in the 'facts about me' list, I'm the youngest of three kids. My two sisters are six and seven years older than me. I'm adopted--I've known it for pretty much my entire life, and I've never had any issues with it. I actually know both of my birth parents, as I was adopted by my biological aunt (my dad's sister), and I talk to both of them occasionally. I'm closer to my birth mom, but I love them both. Unsurprisingly, we're alike in many ways!
  • On most holidays, my dad and I go to visit his sister's family for dinner. Sometimes my oldest sister and her boyfriend will come along, depending on the holiday.
  • I might add more later? I don't want to share any information that my family might not want shared.
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  • Hollow Knight

Everything about this game is beautiful. There are so many good characters, so many areas, so many beautiful visuals...there's just so much. It took me almost 90 hours to get to 112% completion, and I still have things left to do. This game is huge, and $15 is more than a fair deal for it. Honestly, I can't think of anything that I don't like about it. The lore is depressing, but it's so well-written--I feel for the characters just as if I were actually a bug living in Hallownest. My favorite characters are Quirrel and Grimm!


I have so much to say about this game, but if you came here from the Google docs page, you should have already read all of that. It's my second favorite game, I love the characters, the challenge, the dial...

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  • Dragon Cave: ScourgeOfBC
  • Sporcle: ScourgeWarriors
  • Everybody Edits: ASDS
  • YouTube: Rotten Legacy (Hollow Knight profile picture)
  • DeviantArt: ScourgeWarriors04
  • Discord: Rotten Legacy#3164
  • Steam: rotten_legacy_
  • Chicken Smoothie: Ɽotten Ⱡegacy
  • Quiztron: Whitestar200
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