• Geist - spy au, kyungsoo and jongin are partners in the field and soo recruited him when ji was 13. soo is 10 years older and he feels he shouldnt work with someone younger much less have feelings for them. but jongin can't be undermined easily
  • The Kronstadt Move - there's always time for spy!au hrheerwe
  • The Man with the Brogues - okay tbh there's no action but this is spy au that belings to a bigger ot12 fic which is very action-y and dramatic and the author is amazingly divinely talented no kidding). here, jongin is so smitten by Mr. Vanilla Sex on Legs, who also recruits him :>
  • Up, up and away - space cadet au. ksoo is so adorb here. also ot12 <3
  • When the world feels safe (only in your arms) - ksoo is a policeman and nini is a fire-fighter
  • Amid Shadows -mafia!au. the plot makes me shudder in a good way and - wow dangit, suave and sleek kyungsoo gives me chills
  • Silk Smile - Amid Shadows' sequel. For the love of Kaisoo please read both, you'll have 0 regrets I guarantee you
  • Bring Them Crashing Down - spy!au. kyungsoo get a partner whom he initally doesn't want. (i love the story progression, and the action is done right)
  • Climb Over the Parallel Lines - assassin!soo + doctor!jongin got me shook. sleepydanceur is my fav author honestly, truly
  • Edge of You and Me / (AFF link) - mama!au. I'd put it in the sci-fi section but this is rather very action like. You can't but love captain Soo and newbie Kai + ot12
  • Night Lights - gambler!soo + stripper!kai. it's v good
  • Point Zero - by xiseoks/pocketks/julia aka my fave fave faaave author omg! jongin works as a government employee, been told his whole life that his parents abandoned him until one day he meets a captive who is hiding his son, brought to questioning.
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