also look to the next list since some fics fit in both categories. these aren't real angst but i guess i'm good with everything unless it's inc*st, CD, nd too much self loathing

  • sleep city - neighbours au. they have language barrier frst but then learn korean / english and spend time a lot with each other..and fall in love. so good. xiseoks/pocketks never disappoints, luv her so much
  • All Roads, They Lead Me Here - Jongin dances in the streets and Kyungsoo is the reason he doesn't want to give up on his dreams. + amazing side!taohun and bff!sekai
  • Comes and goes - surfer!au (sekai but it's rlly tiny + baekyeol + taohun) a very nice summer romance and I can perfetly picture the summer atmosphere here
  • Over and Under - doctor au. I like the domestic feel even though it's supposed to be angsty
  • pills n potions - psychiatrist!kyungsoo helps jongin and months later it's jongin who is by kyungsoo's side when the elder struggles w/ anxiety
  • Come One, Come All - circus!au, jazz age - historical, doctor!soo runs to the circus and falls in love with a graceful acrobat, this is kinda a happy bittersweet ending sobs
  • Lines And Spaces Between Us - jongin is veeery straight and not gay at all but he thinks kyungsoo is very veeery attractive and jongin's being in denial
  • Love from Last Night - notting hill!au. bookseller Kyungsoo has a night stand with a stranger and the stranger turns out to be a famous actor Kim Kai
  • nothing's gonna change (my love for you) - insecure anxious jongin. his very supportive friends (layhan + chenbaek) will make you smile and balance out the angsty feels
  • Smile - hurt comfort / PTSD. One of the best hurt comfort fics I've read and their love is just...goals.
  • Through The Midnight Streets - I'll NEVER get over this I shed lots of tears on how emotional and beautiful it was, the words were so warm yet impactful and the plot just pulls at your heartstrings so much but so right? Strange-seas is a master of a kind where she's able to breathe life into her story and god bless the purest talent that she was gifted with
  • Echo - Kyungsoo is the reason Jongin dances. A tiny bit angsty but w/ a happy ending. Bottom!kji and im here for this
  • It's Still A Feeling - i wish this could be filmed omg. nyc!au, age gap, they meet after a long time when kyungsoo helped jongin and jongin fell in love with him. kyungsoo is an independent film maker while jongin is a talented writer attending prestigious uni.
  • of fragile hearts and the music we make - kyungsoo is a famous composer writing about break ups and sad love based on his experience and then he meets a dancer who admires him
  • Street Rats - real classic! my first slice of life and favorite. baeksoo friendship, kyungsoo's dreams, kaisoo's dynamics, everything's intense af
  • Summertime Sadness - mob leader soo + broken!jongin. super amazing also very angsty but i'm willing to read angst as long as there's a happy ending :))
  • Take a look outside (At the open skylight) - fluffy angst with so much pining from both sides and insecure!kaisoo
  • Haunting Blues - angst. bittersweet ending. sometimes i do tragic endings lmao. jongin and kyungsoo split up years ago and kyungsoo becomes a famous celebrity (homophobia, kaistal)
  • This Could Be Messy - neighbours au also age gap, soo is a chef and jongin a college student. soo helps jongin w cooking meals for him and jongin falls for him fast (just like soo :')
  • Seasons - cute age gap and uni au. jongin falls for an older uni student but they hit it off pretty quick and spend a sweet summer holiday together
  • ugly - just angsty drabble of bullied jongin and soo protecting him his whoel life (tw for murder and r*pe)
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