• i could be a wolf for you - witch au, inspired by chilling aventures of sabrina series. jongin is a witch living with his kim brothers and one day he finds an injured human in a forest an brings hm home despite the danger that can happen to his family. this is nice :3
  • The Last of The Wilds - earth spirit soo had lost his other half, flower spirit kai when a witch, cursed him and falling in love with human can break his curse of being locked in the forest. when a human who stumbles upon the small creek could see him, kyungsoo is shocked by how much this jongin looks like his deceased lover. soft jongin and tough/distrusting soo, SO GOOD THIS PINING AND SLOWBURN MAN I CRIED POOR JONGIN
  • insert an epigram for awkwardness here - a classic with one of the first soft fluff jongin fics. he is a god of awkwardness and he falls in love with possible the cutest but also most awkward human being...but together, they are just normal...it is true love T-T so soft funny and will kind of make you tear up too ;u;
  • Bloody Kisses - vampire!au. A series of loosely linked stories w/ various pairings. Here are kaisoo chaps (what i think it's in a chronological order) but I very much encourage you to read everything though, kaisoo appears in them too.
  • diabolical - demon au. jongin can has a silent companion, demon kai by his side since he was little and only jongin himself can see him. one a magician meets him and senses a strange aura around jongin so he decides to help him
  • (in)visible spectrum - i'm a fan of a well written sci-fi and this one is very well-done. the storyline is clear and intriguing enough without lengthy explanations of the scifi terms and the slow build between kaisoo is very sweet and natural ;u; the ending is the icing on the cake it's just...perfect
  • unburials: towards the setting sun - once upon a time, a hunter born on the bloodlust year seeks out the purest soul. /whispers/ im still shivering from the sensation this masterpiece gives me ;~; such magic
  • yesteryear - reincarnation!au, and to me soulmate!au. Hands down this is defo The Fic of 2015 for me and for the love of kaisoo please read it ToT
  • These Walls Caught Me Here With Something - vampire bodyguard soo and his charge jongin. they spend time together under the same roof and thus get close very fast
  • We Pick Ourselves Undone - lovely and fluffy af, zombie soo wants to find love but it's hard with his appearance until he meets jongin who's the sweetest non-judgmental vampire ever with a zombie pup Monggu
  • Spring Calls - mate season is here and bear hybrid!nini is super shy and nervous around his cutest crush and neighbot penguin hybrid!soo (fREAKING CUTE YALL)
  • Wizard Problems - hp au. jongin likes soo but is being mean to him even tho he doesnt intend to and soo takes it wrong
  • Black Wings (can no longer fly) - angel&demon!au __...rip my fave fic </3
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