come a little closer, cage the elephant:

  • this song is perfect. it starts off as something and escalates as something else, and it surprises me and gets me hyped up every time. matt schultz's voice is SO good. the way it feels like there's two people singing together, one voice lower and softer than the other, but still there. the way the guitar is soooo heavy. and when he (they?) sings "do you understand the things that you've been DREAMINNNNGGGG" i get the chillllllllsssssssssss...... and the lyrics keep me thinking, wondering, what does it all mean? maybe they're urging me to take a closer look at myself and what has been orbiting around me. take a longer time, pay more attention. notice the importance of truly trying to understand people and even myself. idk i just could listen to this song all day. (OK WAIT A SECOND “We went on to São Paulo, and I remember being in my hotel and looking out one morning at this makeshift city on a hill. There were tarps and scrap metal, all of these little boxes with people inside of them. It made me think of an ant hill, but then I also thought, ‘No, wait, these are people living their lives.’ It made me want to look closer. That became the chorus.” :o

about today, the national

  • this song is so monotonous, so repetitive, it can feel dull and uninteresting. and that is SO brilliant. the lyrics tell of a day when "you were far away". it's a day without a loved one, without knowing what has happened. it feels like hours go passing by and the day fell into a boring routine, all hopes of ever having that person TRULY being yours again, it all has vanished. "how close am i to losing you?" breaks my heart. the person will come back at night, sure, but will they stay?

marion, bon iver

  • "Well, I thought that this was half a love / Follow to the rising sea"
  • "Justin thought that he was carrying his half of a loving relationship. From the tone of the song, it sounds like the other person didn’t feel enough the same way to hold it together – Justin held more than half of their love. Or, well, it could be the opposite – that Justin thought he was bringing enough love to hold up his half of the relationship, but in the end he wasn’t." and "Marion is a French diminutive form of Marie, which is derived from the Hebrew Miryām, a name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean “sea of bitterness” or “sea of sorrow”. I think the song has very few lyrics because of the struggle to explain how you feel pain. Although only one sentence in the song is repeated, it shows how powerful the message is." x

slow it down, the lumineers

  • "some love was made for the lights, some kiss your cheek and goodnight" :(
  • essa quebra minhas perna sem brincadeira "Don't you frown when you're feelin' like that / Only love can dig you out of this"

every little thing, young the giant

  • sameer singing "I want a fuck and a fight" so softly and beautifully . i feel that

right before my eyes (unpeeled), cage the elephant

  • the messy guitar at the intro and the ending.... "holding dirty hands over the flames, getting pleasure from the pain" :( breaks my heart!!!!!!!!!!

green eyes, coldplay

  • is this what love is like? "cause i came here with a load, and it feels so much lighter now i've met you" :(
  • also the sudden drop in "... liiiiighter" kinda feels weird to me? idk why, i just wish it stayed higher

sorry, nothing but thieves

  • there's SO MUCH about this song lmao ok let's go
  • this song is about regret. it's about someone who knows they fucked up, who knows they're in the wrong, and just wants get out of the situation. they know they can't fix it, they can't change the past, they need to leave.
  • so he finds excuses, MAYBE he's dumb, MAYBE he's defective, MAYBE he's bad natured and MAYBE he's young.
  • and then he sings "I've waited for this / I'm ready for it / I've been waiting so long" like he knew things would end someday, and he felt he needed it to be over so it could end the troubling anxiety of regret. he knew it'd end. he was ready and waiting. so when it happens, he just accepts it, he can't fight anymore. and that breaks my heart.
  • i run away like mercury: "Mercury, who (in the Roman religion), is the God of travelers and transported goods. In Greek mythology, Mercury is compared to Hermes, who is the messenger of the Gods. Essentially, Conor Mason uses a simlie comparing himself to the God of travel and transported goods (who would run/travel a lot). and He might also be referring to the element mercury, which is known to be hard to catch because its molecules do not engage in adhesion. In other words, mercury always slips away because it doesn’t stick to anything in the way that water does x
  • the synth that sounds like a ghost going OOOoooOoOOHhh kills me every time i cant stop crying.-.
  • fuck now this song reminds me of him and its just crazy that he listens to it and thinks of me! he's sorry and he thinks he's dumb and but yeah, just as i always suspected, o eu-lirico ta arrependido mas nao quer retomar a situação, só quer se livrar do peso na consciência mesmo. thank u for ruining one of my favorite songs!!!!!!!!!!!!11

sex on fire, kings of leon

  • "The title for the band's most famous song started off as a running joke. The song started out as a melody, therefore the band just kept throwing silly lyrics over the chorus. They tried out several different iterations such as Set Us on Fire, Snatch on Fire and Cocks on Fire, but the band settled on Sex on Fire, which was a bit of a joke that just stuck. Speaking to Radio X band also joked about how they make the track sound more palatable for their kids. “It’s ‘Socks on Fire’,” drummer Nathan Followill told us. “Uncle Caleb’s socks caught on fire one night when I was drying them out on the heater." x

seasons run, the xx

  • the clapping sound reminds me of rain, of course, that is the main metaphor of the song. it's been raining a lot lately and the mood of the song just fits perfectly with my mood. the way the seasons come and go running, it's january again, and then it's gonna be february, and then may, and then winter, and then summer again. and the fears and doubts and emotions will come and go too. the song is also gentle as rain, and it's magic to listen to it while the "The first drop hits my windowpane, And the emotions start flooding in"

canal 12, esteban tavares

  • essa música é linda demais... é sobre alguém que ainda ama muito alguém que já foi embora, mesmo sabendo que as coisas estão melhores assim. "te ver como eu sempre te vejo vai me cegar" é tipo, eu amo vc tanto que eu transformo você em algo que você não é, só pq essa versão idealizada é perfeita pra mim (msm eu sabendo que não é de verdade). mesmo assim, TUDO que eu queria era ser quem você chama, quem você ouve, quem você procura, quem te leva pra casa. mas mesmo tentando tantas vezes, sempre acabamos na estaca zero onde nada dá certo. e isso é triste :(
  • o que a garxias escreveu no encaixando perfeitamente :O "tudo nessa música é perfeito! desde ficar perdido ao encontrar com a outra pessoa, ou em como enxergar a pessoa por uma lente que não é a real pode causar mal a nós mesmos deixando claro a confusão da relação.. até as perguntas do refrão: porque agora que tudo acabou ele quer saber quem fará todas aquelas coisas e ainda diz "é tudo o que eu queria ser, você não sabe o quanto eu já tentei" e às vezes é sobre isso. a gente quer muito ser mas não rola. canal 12 pra mim é sobre isso: querer fortemente ser isso pra alguém, mas não poder. e é triste não poder." (x)

light years, the national

  • "e eu estaria sempre anos-luz distante de você" :(
  • "I remember there was the chorus, there was a book by Sean Wilsey called “Oh the Glory of It All” – I stole the whole title of that. It was on the shelf in Carin’s library where she keeps all her books. “Light Years” by James Salter was also on the shelf and somehow the chorus of that just got pieced together from those two titles. The rest of it is all about just feeling distant from somebody on a different orbit – people who love each other but don’t understand each other." x

ever since new york, harry styles

  • this one's about his stepdad fighting cancer and how hopeless the situation felt like. "tell me something i don't already know" is like a desperate cry for good news, for something else other than all the pain they all have felt.
  • "i've been praying, never did before / understand i'm talking to the walls" yeah. that's what it feels like

sweetie little jean, cage the elephant

  • "When Brad and myself were children, a neighborhood friend was kidnapped and murdered. It was a horribly traumatic experience which kind of put an end to the age of our innoncence. On Tell Me I'm Pretty, I really wanted to go back and face some of things that I haven't thought about in a very very long time. Morgan was a beautiful little girl who deserved much more out of life. Rest in peace." :(((((((((((

creature fear, bon iver

  • "Correct me if i’m wrong but this is what I gathered. So he’s lost and doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he thought that this person he was with made his life clear but it turned out he was just a fool for them. Then the term ‘creature fear’ is about being anxious about how many things could happen in the future. Then in the second verse he goes on about how he gave them his all and ended up fucking himself up (the bloody nose). Then the rest is further expression of ‘creature fear’. He sings that there’s so many things (territories) that can and will change (Reform) but that we shouldn’t let the anxiety form our choices, or who we are. The end is him questioning himself, did he ruin his own life by making a wrong choice? Is he ready to change/adapt? So many ‘torahs’ as in stories to lead us in our lives. Someone please tell me if I got anything wrong, I’m just really fuckin excited about the meaning of this song. I love Bon Iver." x

everyone else, london grammar

  • THE GUITAR THE MELODY THE MIXING THE QUIET SHY DRUMMING. os cano de pvc do blue man group
  • she sounds a little like florence welch, reminds me of sweet nothing. but also completely different. beautiful
  • "It's enough you look at me that way / It's enough you ever know / Are you every single time you stay / Unaware you wanna leave, you alone

shrike, hozier

  • "I couldn't utter my love when it counted / Ah, but I'm singing like a bird 'bout it now / I couldn't whisper when you needed it shouted / Ah, but I'm singing like a bird about it now" :( cant stop thinking about a lonely bird flying around with no place to land and all he can do is sadly sing a sad song ...

georgia, vance joy

  • and i could easily lose my mind, the way you kiss me will work each time: "So when I was writing this next one, I was thinking about this thing my friend said to me. He was talking about his girlfriend at the time, and every time she kissed him, whatever was going on on his head, — whatever kind of noise or traffic or thoughts that were kind of distracting him, whatever was going on —, anytime she kissed him, all that stuff would be just like, muted. She just give him this peace in his brain, and I love that idea. And that definitely works, kissing definitely does that."

mess is mine, vance joy

  • "The song started with the bridge, which I initially wrote on piano, and I think that’s the heart of the song as well, the idea that, “This still makes sense to me, your mess is mine.” That was actually a line that my mum offered me when I was writing the song, and I took it. It’s my attempt at something similar to [The Beatles’] “Norwegian Wood”, where you’re in her house and she shows you her room, and trying to create a feeling of the atmosphere of the place… Anyway, that’s what I was kind of shooting at." HIS MOM :( crying

washing machine heart, mitski

  • The main image of ‘Washing Machine Heart’ gives me an idea of peaceful domesticity. Why did you choose it? / It’s about your heart beating so loud that it’s going DUNDUN – DUN. Like there’s a shoe in it.” / I was thinking about how the washing machine is very useful, but it’s also quite unglamorous the job it has to do… / “Yeah, people just carelessly toss their dirty shoes in there.” / Yeah, they just take whatever throw at them and they’re happy to do it. / “There is that too… there can be more than one meaning.”
  • it also gave me "i can fix him" vibes. like, your shoes are dirty from all the walking and wandering? i can wash them. its gonna hurt like a motherfucker but give them to me <3

crack baby, mitski

  • this song is beautiful and sad and messed up
  • “Crack baby” is a reference to the cultural term “crack baby” who is a child born addicted to cocaine as their mother consumed the drug during their pregnancy. A crack baby would suffer from addiction and withdrawal without knowing what cocaine is, lending to them not knowing what it is that they want but still wanting it. Them having “had it once” refers to the baby having come in contact with cocaine during its development. Mitski uses this term as a metaphor for their situation where they long for a feeling or thing that they are nostalgic for but cannot fully place.

jesus christ 2005 god bless america, the 1975 feat. phoebe bridgers

  • Fortunately I believe, lucky me / I'm searching for planes in the sea, that's irony / Soil just needs water to be, and a seed / So if we turn into a tree, can I be the leaves?
  • oh GOD i wish i was the leaves. why can't i be the leaves

perth, bon iver

  • Justin Vernon wrote this song after director, Matt Amato, learnt of the death of his best friend, actor Heath Ledger, while he was shooting a video at Vernon's parents' house. Vernon told Rolling Stone: "So I've got this guy in my house whose best friend just passed away. He's sobbing in my arms. He can't go back to L.A. because the house is under siege. Michelle Williams is calling my parents' phone. All this stuff." Vernon added to Clash Music: "And his best friend was from Perth. It just sort of became the beginning of the record. And Perth has such a feeling of isolation, and also it rhymes with birth, and every song I ended up making after that just sort of drifted towards that theme, tying themselves to places and trying to explain what places are and what places aren't."
  • the drums. the drums the drums the drums the drums the drums the dr

je te laisserai des mots, patrick watson

  • eu amo como parece que o piano tem vida própria e ta sempre tomando fôlego de novo, é lindo demais cara . aaaaaaa
  • ainda vou aprender a cantar essa rsrs
  • "e quando você estiver sozinha por um momento, beije-me quando você quiser, beije-me quando você quiser, beije-me quando você quiser"

future, paramore

  • a letra dessa :( something won't always be missing, it won't always feel empty here
  • na moral qnd a musica dissolve no finalzinho e depois volta...........q nem qnd vc acha q o caos sumiu mas ele ressurge. arrepiei

algum ritmo, jovem dionísio, gilsons

  • algum ritmo = algoritmo :O makes me think of my best friend and how the internet put us together somehow :( <33333333333
  • os comentários no videoclipe :( os gilsons "Que coisa linda isso tudo... foi daqui dos comentários do youtube que o nosso encontro nasceu! Algoritmos e alguns ritmos em comum fizeram nos encontrar!" e a atriz do clipe "tô emocionada de poder contribuir com um recorte da minha vida real! obrigada demais por isso ♥" SO SWEET
  • quero em breve!!! vida leve!!!!!!!!!!!!

blood bank, bon iver

  • when he sings "i'm in love with your arms, i'm in love with your cheeks" i like to believe he's singing about his lover's biggest insecurities :( like, you dont like your arms? you find your cheeks too chubby? well idc, i am IN LOVE with them . sweet :(

you are the traffic, coin

  • lead singer Chase Lawerence: “Earlier this year, I found myself stuck in traffic. After several attempts of escape, weaving in & out of cars, my efforts were in vain. Sitting in a hot, stationary car, with certain expectations, I screamed aloud, “Where are all of these people going?!” At that moment, I’m not sure what happened. My head tilted back & my eyes widened. Out of some kind of newfound cosmic awareness, I realized I am ‘these people,’ I am the traffic. This realization lent itself to a much bigger conversation & became a metaphor for my own life. The ‘car’ in front of me isn’t in my way any more than I am in theirs.” this just hit me like a truck
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