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  • kelly kapoor - the office (us)
    • extra, thinks she's hot, two-faced, overdramatic, sensitive, stubborn, loves attention, flirty, EVERYTHING DESIGNER!, obsessed with celebrity lives more than her own life, liar
  • edward - cowboy bebop
    • happy-go-lucky, childish, reserved to herself, animals > people, spaces out a lot, tomboy, talks to herself outloud
  • motoko kusanagi - ghost in the shell
    • serious & to the point, loving & compassionate towards others, badass, comes off as emotionally numb or cold, stubborn
  • dennis reynolds - it's always sunny in philadelphia
    • overly sexual, flirty, thinks he's hot, self-obsessed, vain, gets angry when proven wrong, obsessed with his appearance & will do ANYTHING to fix a flaw, lowkey god complex, stubborn, lies for his own benefit
  • veronica lodge - archie comics
    • vain, obsessed with her appearance, only buys Designer Clothing, lets her friends borrow her clothes, hot-headed, stubborn, extra, loves attention
  • jackie burkhart - that 70's show
    • RICH GIRL TM, self-obsessed, insensitive towards others' feelings, stubborn, hot-headed, wants everything to go her way, lies a lot, loves attention, over-dramatic, extra, thinks she's super hot, definition of spoiled, only Designer Clothes
  • sterling archer - archer
    • self-centered, insensitive to others' feelings, thinks he's hot, narcissistic, definition of a Jerk, overly sexual, super flirty, stubborn, arrogant, yells a lot, immature, loves animals, LIES LIES LIES
  • matt murdock - marvel
    • Real Depression Hours, self-destructive tendencies, pushes away people who care about him at times, a good man trying his best, wants to enforce justice & law, witty, loves helping others, no one would be surprised if he killed himself at this point
  • bender rodriguez - futurama
    • lies a lot, steals, self-destructive behaviour, good ol' depression, selfish, loves his one (1) true friend so much, rude, proud of his accomplishments, brash
  • bojack horseman - bojack horseman
    • friendly neighborhood depression, self-loathing, masochistic, self-destructive, witty, insecure, cares about his friends a lot, narcissistic, How To Destroy Relationships 101, hurt badly in the past, loves history!, gets extremely attached to people who give him even .1% of comfort
  • hitoka yachi - haikyuu!!
    • lowkey paranoid, self-conscious, intimidated a lot by others, apologizes too much, underestimates herself, Self-Confidence Level 0, clumsy, tries to make everyone happy, likes listing things & making notes
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