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Welcome to Void Thundercaster's school of Chaos Magick. Check back often for more spells, rituals, books, links, and other interesting things you may need to fill your days with magic.

Void Thundercaster follows:

For a beginning in the various branches of magic:

  • Kabbalah
    • Zohar
    • Bahir
    • Sefer HaTorah (Books of the Law), so-called “Five Books of Master Mosheh”
    • Sefer HaShmoth (Book of the Names) of Master Adam
    • Sifra Detzniyutha (Book of THAT Which is Concealed)
    • Idra Rabba Qadusha (Greater Holy Assembly)
    • Idra Zuta Qadusha (Lesser Holy Assembly)
    • Ma'aseh Merkabah (“Work of the Chariot”) material from the Nabiyim
    • Seferim HaChanokh (Books of Enoch ben Yared)
    • Shi'r Qoma (Measure of the Divine Body) from the Sefer HaGadol (Book of the Secret...
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This is an article on Words of Power

Hope you find it helpful

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  • Close your eyes and clear your mind to a state of nothingness, or near nothingness.
  • Now visualize an "A" before you. Ascribe a color to it (Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, and Orange work best for me... Take one according to taste, or use another color if it suits you better.)
  • Intone "A".
  • Now visualize an "E" above your head. Accord it a color appealing to taste.
  • Intone "E".
  • Visualize an "I" behind your Back. Accord it a color.
  • Intone "I".
  • Visualize an "O" to your right side (Left if left handed). Accord a color.
  • Intone "O."
  • Visualize a "U" on your left (or right, if left handed) side. Accord a color.
  • Intone U.
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  • Hold a cup of coffee in one hand
  • With the other hand, stir the beverage clockwise to generate positive energy
  • Say "Around, around, awareness abounds!"
  • Repeat the incantation several times until the beverage is swirling then drink it immediately to internalize the magick.
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  • Hyperventilation
  • Confronting a fear (snakes, heights, etc)
  • Strong emotive force (love, hate, rage, confusion, etc)
  • Meditation (to vacuity or other state)
  • Pain
  • Spinning (dizziness/confusion)
  • Staring into a strobe light
  • Running to complete physical exhaustion
  • Holding it as long as you possibly can before going to the bathroom
  • Adrenaline rush (bungee jumping, parachuting, holding up a 7-11, etc)
  • Drumming
  • Chanting
  • Mantras
  • Singing
  • Listening to music Really Really Really loudly (especially ambient music)
  • Creating artwork
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This is a list I found on the net giving you some points that show that you are more of a magical poser than a true magician.

  • You always wear black, have a pentagram, or an esoteric tattoo which can be seen.
    • A real magician is someone you would think was an ordinary person. The Rosicrucians actually swore to wear the standard clothes of people around them. Dressing up is advertising “hey I am an occultist” for people who do not care. This can be extended to the idea of appearing all dark and mysterious and writing long tombs on Black Magic usually with a Crowley angle.
  • Each day you do not do at least half an hour’s PRACTICAL magical work.
    • Practical work means doing a ritual, shut...
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  • Read Liber Null and Prometheus Rising
  • Read the Collected Works of AO SPARE
  • Read everything by Jan Fries and Phil Hine
  • Practice Sigil Magick
  • Practice Trance States
  • Practice Sorcery
  • Learn about Dynamic Systems Theory, Catastrophe Theory and Strange Attractors
  • Build your own models
  • Practice what you Preach
  • Develop your own Sorcery
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  • The ritual can be found here
    • this is one of the first things I have ever done magically.
    • Yokai is an umbrella term used for spirits in general, so I am not certain what kind of spirit you are capturing, the site isn't very clear on it.
    • For more info on Yokai spirits, check out The Obakemono Project
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  • Find an object, it doesn't have to be humanoid, but it's preferred.
  • This object is no longer an object, but a fetish. You will speak to it as if it is real, and greet it in passing. You will talk to it.
  • This fetish must be given a name, purpose, and if you like, a personality (some people will let the personality manifest itself after use.).
  • The name should be related to, but not directly, the purpose you have made this doll for. If it is to help clear your mind for school tests/exams, you could name it "R'LA ECDIM" (Mind clear backwards) or MUNDY CALEVRE (Mind Clear hodgepodge).
  • You will ask this fetish for it's help, and when it comes through, you will make an offering to it. This offering should be something you know the fetish will like/enjoy, and something you WILL NOT TAKE BA...
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  • Find a quiet, semi-dark, or dark room.
  • Recommended are headphones, but speakers also suffice.
  • Lay down, or sit in a chair, WITHOUT MOVING A MUSCLE! Eyes closed. This is a much deeper practice, but for now, realize you must not move other than breathing, and relax into this non-moving state as much as possible.
  • Because clearing the mind of thought can be extremely challenging to new people trying out magick, we are going to "cheat" a little, by using this
  • Repetitive? Yep. Boring? I hope so. This constant beat gives your mind something to focus on that will hopefully put it into a gnostic state. Focus on the drums and how they sound, try not to think of anything. This includes work, that new girl at the office, how bad you want to move your big toe, whats for dinner, etc. Just l...
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This is a very low-key ritual spell that is very integral to the goth magical culture. While not all do, a significant portion of the goth scene denizens frequent one or more local coffee houses on a regular basis. This constant presence provides for a good smoke screen, covering from prying eyes the tremendous amounts of magical energy trafficking. The goth mage who uses this spell is able to impart power, transmit simple emotions or intuitions, or partake of power at will. The caster focuses on a cup of coffee, or other beverage, infusing the cup with either their own magical energy, empower it by drawing down external energy, or integrate their feelings into the warm liquid. When the coffee is ingested, the person drinking it will receive a power infusion from another’s donated energy, become enlivened by external power should the caster seek to boost his or herself, or transmit the f...

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  • Stand in an open area (can be inside or outside)
  • Hold your wand in your dominant hand
  • Close your eyes and concentrate, keeping your mind focused
    • If you are familiar with magic trance states, feel free to use whatever method you prefer
  • Once you feel a trance coming on, start concentrating on your wand
  • Imagine your wand becoming an extension of your arm
    • Do this for a while until you get good at it
    • After you master that, you can move on to the next part of the exercise
  • Start visualizing yourself drawing in energy from the Earth
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  • Konstantinos - Summoning Spirits
  • The Key of Solomon
  • The Lemegeton
  • Grimoirium Verum
  • Grimoire of Honorius or also called the Grimoire of Pope Honious
  • The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts
  • True Black Magic (or The Secrets of Secrets, draws on The Key of Solomon)
  • Grand Grimoire (or Red Dragon)
  • The Magus by Francis Barrett
  • The Black Pullet (or Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids or Black Screech Owl)
  • Verus Jesuitarum Libellus (or True Magical Works of the Jesuits) Supposed Fake
  • Mysteria Magica
  • The Grimoire of Armadel
  • The Book of Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
  • The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses
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  • Sit comfortably. Do not lie down because you might fall asleep.
  • Breathe in for a count of six, hold for a count of six and then exhale for a count of six. Do this breathing until you are completely relaxed. Ideally, you should no longer be able to feel your body.
  • Imagine you are climbing down a ladder in the dark. Don't visualize a ladder; just imagine you can feel yourself doing it. On the exhale, feel yourself climbing a step or two down the ladder. On the inhale, feel yourself holding still on the ladder.
  • Now, let go of the ladder and free fall backwards. If you get dizzy or disoriented, just bring your attention to the front of your body and this will stop. This mental falling effect, when combined with deep relaxation and mental calmness, will cause you to enter the trance state.
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  • Make a sigil with your desire/intent for the talisman.
  • Charge the sigil
  • Immediately after, place in between 2 things of wax, and melt the wax so that it seals the sigil (which has been place on paper and either folded or not). You can also use clay which hardens after use (can be found at wal-mart, etc).

After this is done, wear or make sure the talisman is on your person. There are other stronger ways, which include deeper forms of gnosis (using more than one form, such as twirling and drums and hyperventilation all at once, etc), more elaborate ritual, (Welding instead of clay or wax, using something else to contain the sigil, using a more permanent thing to draw the sigil on, etc). The only mainstays are making a sigil, charging the sigil, and then containing the sigil in something wh...

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  • Beyond the Wall of Sleep Rite
    • If you can do one working, do this. This will start off a little difficult, but end extremely well. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
  • Gnostic Pentagram Ritual
    • A very easy ritual that can be used as a banishing. Very good, and very easy.
  • The Skullfuck
    • You can do this right before bed, it might even help you sleep better! This is a great working to do before drifting off to sleep.
  • The Vortex Rote
    • Pretty neat working, if you can find the time for it.
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