pang-asar, jokes and anecdotes that never get old.

  • reporting someone's friendster pictures
  • jamy's escapades with other kabarkada's boyfriends - kandong kay alfred, yakap kay mcnoy, marga mistaking steph for jamy hahaha ("pagsabihan mo yang kabarkada mo!")
  • maecy's baguio ukay ukay scandal
  • little bunny foo foo
  • tina's real age
  • virgin cola
  • ruben's lounge, dinner at the red-light district
  • sinong prom date mo?
  • cradle snatchers
  • tito boyfriends
  • rianne's achilles hahaha
  • marga's johnny
  • the lady in red
  • first ever sex talk c/o tasho and tina
  • caren, jamy and i visiting ashley at the detention center
  • robbi destroying marga's the pool chair
  • marina sleepover with rizza (when was this?)
  • revelations in maecy's innova
  • caren's shocker at brittany bay ("hindi pala ikaw ang unang mabubuntis.")
  • forever baked tahong and barbeque
  • indian incident at starbucks with jamy
  • birhen jokes with hanna and rianne
  • ym conference with jamy's new boy's picture (kamukha ni pierre)
  • conversation with miko about boyfriends' briefs
  • tagaytay :)
  • martyrdom - mana mana lang yan
  • trying to have lait-free conversations hahaha
  • arlyn joy
  • bronze medal
  • himas conversation with rianne and caren
  • coastal mall revelations with marga and caren
  • caren's legal sex stories
  • "diaper change alert"
  • jp's dubious hirits
  • rianne's shocking revelations, same week as marga's and maecy's
  • ibong adarna

to be continued!

jul 14 2008 ∞
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