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january. february.

best days marked with ☆


    • 1st: when i get home (2019) - solange • breaking in my new platforms • 624 s. michigan followed by panda express • a facebook post asking for help • malevolent (2018) & siren: s02e06
    • 2nd: I should have cheated, keyshia cole • hokin bouts • mango chile sorbet in the yca library • livingroom karaoke ft. a gummy edibles high • facebook photos of jenni's new daughter ☆
    • 3rd: "oh my god, the lights is off you shouldn't have sucked that nigga dick for free." ft. target slushies • my diva cup! • russian spa day on taffy edibles with the bitches & brendan • awkward silence at kings • the lion king 2: simba's pride (1998)
    • 4th: word art • thank you, josé. • washing the chlorine out of my hair • "home is knowing." - glenda the good witch of the south, the wiz • late night lisa frank hunting
    • 5th: wake and bake whilst repacking my dugout • masturbating for 2 hours • door dash chipotle & the little mermaid (1989) • the bachelor: s23e09 • happy first menses day, space jam!
    • 6th: weed-fasting "for lent" • doing my makeup in the kitchen window light during gossip girl: s04e10 • cinnamon cloud macchiato • quarterfinals: day 1 • white castle & an early bedtime
    • 7th: the first 4 essays of people I want to punch in the throat by jen mann • venting my employment anxieties to baby • ihome speakers • quarterfinals: day two, crackers with garlic & herb butter • vine & twitter video compilations
    • 8th: ziprecruiter & another anxious breakdown • catching up on the voice & siren • an attempt at productivity • doja cat's soundcloud • the powerpuff girls: s01e03
    • 9th: my first return to the csu campus since 2016 • cold & rainy • locked out of the house in uncomfortable shoes • pastel video collaging • labeling the judge's notebooks ft. burgers, fries, & brownies
    • 10th: semifinals! ft. one of my favorite outfits ever • silent judging • the best 10 minute neck massage • demetrius' weak calves • sharing my last pieces of neurogum with dex & casera • the struggle of trying to take a fit pic ☆
    • 11th: a highly stressful rush hour uber pool • the urine sample struggle • a handful of frooties in my pocket • running errands in wicker park • the voice: s16e05
    • 12th: a letter for my bestfriend on 4 postcards • • wicker park window shopping & jeni's ice cream • 3 versions of the song perfect • the bachelor: season finale • trying really really hard to masturbate uninterrupted ☆
    • 13th: oatmeal & tea • an insane neckache • the word "partner" • britteney bought me some fucking boots! • cbd gummies, light as a feather: s01, & a heating pad
    • 14th: chicago avenue commute ft. my 2017 playlist • 3 hours in the aid office customer service line • a team of contractors gutting my gramma's house • britteney's kitchen & the scent of pinesol • boystown chicago diner with molly
    • 15th: a dream that ended with me walking to my car in a thick fog • ghastly (2019) • infuriated by the entitled white woman on the redline • powerpuff girls: s01 & britteney's bathroom • "I just came to show love & ended up doing coke."
    • 16th: 2 naps; waking up to different episodes of love, death & robots • beer pong with hard cider • words I couldn't say, rascal flatts • grilled cheese & fries in st. patty's wrigleyville • "that's not what I was gonna say."
    • 17th: enough (2002) & trying not to scald my scalp this time • wandering role-less around the theatre • another one of my favorite outfits ever • long goodbyes & 3 edible mints at chicago athletic assoc. • mcdonald's ☆
    • 18th: stoned & sleepy packing my luggage in syd's livingroom at 4am • lemonade vitamin water • a long afternoon nap in my own bed • an escape room with baby's male coworkers • oreo milkshakes ☆
    • 19th: blocks & a marble in the owl room • mean (little) girls • ambient naptime music • baby picking me up from work with sunlight still outside • chinese takeout & the wiz (1978)
    • 20th: a mocha & an almond croissant • the fox room • "I don't know if it's the cbd or the edible or the wine or your dick..."
    • 21st: new faces in the sloth room • 2 oatmeal creme pies & a strawberry banana nectar • 4-6pm with the foxes • trying to explain to mama that this isn't my fight • cheerios & biscuits for dinner
    • 22nd: closing out my training week with the elephants •
    • 23rd: subjecting baby, once again, to my 90s teen movie playlist • a frustrating first day on magazine street • the 91 bus or the city park streetcar? • the last of the faulty edible • popeyes
    • 24th: baby talking me down from my 6am anxieties •
    • 25th: reading up on elizabeth warren • listening to practical magic in the shower • phoneless bae • • hero (2002) & doughy papa john's
    • 26th: googling mall directories • matchy matchy • mallratting in the mall of lousiana • us (2019) • the beginning of our affair with blunts ☆
    • 27th:"I don't like to be touched when I don't want to be touched." • lucking out of the middle seat • discussing siaara freeman over a vegan soul platter • cosine in the backseat with a blunt
    • 28th: breakfast at the bed & breakfast • kush's adventure day • butterfly clips • a front seat joint with grover & a gooey black bean burger • spice world (1997)
    • 29th: a peter pan pop-up book • the girl in the window seat let me borror her neck pillow • the other sister (1999) • city park in the rain • melba's
    • 30th: 9am not 9:30am • krista's email • the legend of zelda: breath of the wild • baby decided to quit his job! • what lies beneath (2000) & leftover shrimp & grits
    • 31st: for the first time, excited to pay rent • a slow, full shift on cs • reapplying to lush • celebratory olive garden • animated trailer park boys ☆
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user picture Michelle: This list makes me happy. You have the best days. <3 jun 12 2018
user picture shug avery: aww, thank youuu. june has been good to me! :) jun 19 2018
user picture Michelle: Happy belated (it was the 06th, right?) birthday! aug 8 2018
user picture shug avery: it was, it was. omg, thank you! aug 10 2018
user picture christina: i'm going to start to do this. jan 15 2019
user picture shug avery: it's so necessary! jan 18 2019