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  • a cute couple making love scene, 4.7k, nc-17.
    • "maybe we could try doing a sextape?”
  • maybe it's a cruel joke on me, whatever ..., 3.1k, nc-17. ♥
    • the fact of the matter was that ten completely and irrevocably had johnny seo wrapped around his finger. and ten loved johnny, very much, so he did his best not to exploit that fact. except when he was unusually horny and johnny had been an unyielding ball of stress for the past week. or in which ten feels neglected so he formulates operation: get some johnny dick.
  • my heart, it belongs to you, 7.9k, pg-13. ♥
    • “you ground me,” ten breathes out. slow and careful, like everything about this has been. “i’m kind of in love with...
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♥ means favorite

  • 190 mph, 12k, pg-13.
    • some people are made out of stardust, some of rust.
  • a deluge in slow-motion, 10k, pg.
    • life in the country trickles by and with jongin comes the flood.
  • a quarter of an hour, plus two, pg.
  • absentia, nc-17.
    • sehun wishes to see the future. he unknowingly jumps in time and loses five years in the past. slowly, he realizes, he didn't only lose time. he lost a lot.
  • allegro, nc-17. ♥
    • there's kai, and then there's jongin, and as reality slips through jongin's fingers like sand as he dances under a single s...
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  • (x) the golden hotel : ryeowook
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♥ means favorite

  • (a band-aid for your wounds a kiss for y..., 9k, pg.
    • wu fan is a single father raising his six year old daughter alone. after helping his neighbour yixing, a gay university student, through a difficult break up, they start to become closer.
  • always like the first time, 17k, r. ♥
    • kris is sent on business to a remote town in hunan. he meets yixing, and maybe even likes yixing. yixing, though, doesn’t quite reciprocate kris’s feelings that easily. based loosely on 50 first dates.
  • #boobs, 12.5k, nc-17. ♥
    • like the old saying goes: “when life giveth thy best friend melons, cry, have an existential crisis, and boink, all in th...
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