• Toby: was thinking about Colleen Dewhurst who played Marilla in the 80s Anne of Green Gables movie...she seems sturdy and no-nonsense with plenty of deep running still waters.
  • Ren: Lana Lang from Smallville
  • Jimmy: Shia Leboeuf? too bad I already cast Zac Efron as Crozier
  • Crake: young Christopher Walken. Originally had him down as humorless Adam One, but I think he's too tall for that.
  • Oryx: Zhang Ziyi
  • Zeb: Richard Burton
    • NO NEVERMIND: Jason Momoa
      • ok now I want to work Lisa Bonet in somewhere (...Toby?? OMG)
  • Amanda: Rosario Dawson
  • Shackie and Crozier: Mark Salling and Zac Efron
    • and poor Oates: Beliebe it.
  • Adam One: Leonard Nimoy? The Gardener songs all remind me of the Bilbo Baggins song sort of.
  • Pilar: Rita Moreno! Let it slip back in the ocean, indeed.
  • Swift Fox: Kelly Reilly, who played Caroline Bingley in the shitty version of Pride and Prejudice. Girlfriend is 100% ready to seduce Zeb and man-eat Crozier and some Crakers
  • Jeb/Black Rhino: Idris Elba
  • Ivory Bill: John Lithgow
  • Lucerne: Catherine Deneuve

This is really fun.

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